The Plagues of Exodus

In the Bible, the book of Exodus tells of many plagues (blood, frogs, gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and on the firstborn) that were brought upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians because he would not allow Moses and his brother Aaron to lead the Israelites into the desert and out of slavery. Now, if indeed the Bible is also a history book, wouldn’t it stand to reason that such extreme “physical world” events would be recorded by others too? So I guess my question is, “are these plagues in other ancient history books as well?”…and if so, which ones? Who else records these events? Anyone?

You couldn’t be more wrong on this point.

I think that will answer your question.

Nothing like a grand statement followed by zero support…what’s your degree in, “opinions”? So we don’t know which Pharaoh it was historically? Moses just pulled the first 5 books of the Bible from his anus?

Man, the bible isn’t a history book… even the christians admit that. Do you also think that God took 7 gregorian calendar days to create the earth? It’s half a metaphor… and that’s the tough part, sorting through the fundamentalist revisions, the different translations, and -then- figuring out what might be factual truth, and what is esoteric theology.

In the case of the plagues… I have no friggin clue.

Plagues come by instinct , i don’t know why people see these sort of things as the work of some higher entity.

the Bible says that Egypt has never known plagues so great nor will they ever. that’s crap, it should have been written down elsewhere.

Austraila? , i can see that coming now…


Did you have any books in mind? Is there some reliable sorce of Egyptian history from that period in which we would expect to find record of the plagues, but don't?  I don't know much about the historical recording of the time, and am honestly asking what we should [i]expect[/i] to find.

I guess what I’m saying is that you would think that these “major” catastrophic events would have been recorded by someone else in addition to Moses. If these plagues really happened I just think that someone else would have thought to record them. I find it hard to take them seriously without other historical evidence is all.

Since I posted the topic I have been doing some serious digging and have found some archeological evidence of these plagues in the Nile River delta. Also, Pharaoh’s firstborn did indeed die - historical fact. Ahhh the quest continues…

Well, the Old Testament itself DOES count as an example of historical evidence for the plagues. What I’m wondering is if there are many historical accounts of that region and time in which the plagues aren’t mentioned. Can you direct me towards the stuff you found?

Thank you.