The Pope and extraterrestrials

I was just viewing ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the ‘History Channel’ and it was stated that Pope Benedict would not discount the possiblity of alien life visiting earth. He further said that if there was a visitation of alien creatures that it would not negate belief in God. Further, he has a scientific bent sees the significance of it’s contributions in our lives.

It’s funny what a difference a few centuries makes in the realm of the Catholic Church.

Yeah, it’s interesting. They should have held firm on the idea of earth being the center of the universe. Once they gave that inch they only lost a mile.

I used to watch that series; it was entertaining for a while, but tends to go a bit too far into the highly speculative ranges with too many grants for my tastes.
It doesn’t attempt much in the way of drawing any formidable conclusions yet attempts to suggest that it did by implication of lacking conclusiveness.
I would rate that show as 1.5 out of 5.

That said, I think such a stance from the Pope is sound.
It’s a way of asserting that the creation prospect of God reaches beyond Earth.
Whether or not such assertions are sound is of a different debate entirely; one based on textual translation; interpretation; and doctrinal application.
Considering the translation, interpretation, and doctrinal application of the Catholic church is that God is omniscient and omnipotent, then it stands to reason as expected that the stance would allow for God to be the creator of life anywhere found in the Universe and not only on Earth.
If they did not, then finding life elsewhere would effectively cripple their omniscient and omnipotent translation, interpretation, and application.

I mainly watch that program for the entertainment value. Much of what is presented is speculation through mostly third person accounts. Still, the amount of video footage taken of unexplained visual phenomena does leave doors open for the possibility of other wordly craft.

It did strike me odd that the leader of the Catholic Church would make his thoughts known on this subject. I find nothing wrong with the fact that he did so. For all we know Pope Paul may have had such inklings, but chose not to disclose them. It would be interesting if a dais of church leaders would express their views about such accounts. Such as UFOs, detection of spiritual entities and the like. I doubt they would want to get out of their comfort zones to do so.

Since this extraterrestrial discourse is based on the interview with (The Pope’s Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory) Fr. Funes’ discussions on the Vatican involvement with Scientific movement in Astronomy, it’s honestly more marvelous to me that people largely remarked on this extraterrestrial tangent and completely bypassed the vastly more giant quizzical shock regarding the timeline of the Universe.


I am dumbfounded that another clergy of the Catholic Church with those kind of mindsets, plus the Vatican having an observatory would have those opinions of extraterrestrials and the universe. I certainly don’t live a sheltered life to have not been privy to such info. It would almost appear this has been closely vested by the Vatican.

Thanks for that link TheStumps. I think I will do more research on other possible interviews with high ranking clergy to see if similar results show up.

Hi Litenin’,

You’ll probably find this short clip interesting:


or try this link:

Hey there Oughtist,

This interview with Father Coyne and Dawkins is what I mean in using all avenues of information to getting at the ‘Truth’ and not trying to come at it with a certain set of variables. Religion uses ‘faith’, while science emphasizes ‘data’ in discovering our existence here. Combine the two and both sides of the curtain will open to help find the answers sooner.


Perhaps Galileo recognized this in forming his postulations.

This video is just one of seven in a series and might warrant watching.

Edit: watching another video of this interview exposes that Father Coyne closely aligns with my thoughts concerning our theologies and scientific findings.

Thanks Litenin’, I’ll definitely give the series a go!

In case you haven’t seen this one, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it (it salves the sweet reminders of my ex-catholic recollections :smiley: ) … re=related

Hey Oughtist,
It seems that early Catholic Church doctrine has placed a befuddlement into their parishioner’s lives. This happens when a set of controlling guidelines above and beyond what God infuses in the teachings of the Bible is instituted.

There may have been an honest effort in the beginning while early churchs were being established, but it appears as the years went by, that man’s infiltrating doctrinal insertions along with unquestioning clerics to continue with those tenets.

While I view some of those established tenets to be a positive influence, there are others that are contradictory to the Bible’s teachings. Hopefully over time this will be realized and set right. Of course there is that danger that the scales could be tipped in the other direction.

No problem.
I suppose the next time someone throws up the “6,000 years” assertion for Catholicism (either against it, or for it), this kind of has to be addressed since because he’s the Jesuit Director of the Vatican Observatory…that kind of means that’s as good as “from the Pope”.


Ucci, I am not quite sure what you are trying to convey here. Until I had watched that portion of ‘Ancient Aliens’, I had no idea the upper echelon of the Catholic clergy even gave those supposings any credible recognition. I am not trying to belittle or defame their positions. This was mostly a point of surprise to me.

The only thing I have heard from former Catholic members has mostly been of a negative nature. I am sure a lot of other denominations that have disgruntled people too. The pastor at my church believes the world is only 6,000 years old, but I don’t begrudge him of that belief. We are all subject to the collective experiences of our lives and personal belief/non-belief systems where God is concerned.

God has endowed all of us (except the possibly mentally afflicted) with a certain amount of discernment to make decisions from our life experiences. Spiritual and scientific minded alike. If we don’t somehow find a way to exceed bias and learn how to utilize both spiritual and scientific endeavors to help explain our existence, (because we are all cretures of curiosity) then we’ll possibly be stuck in a quagmire of entropy. But do so with a willingness of conviction and tolerance from both sides.

If there are people who stand fast in either case, then that is what it is. I can still hold to my core beliefs and reach out to another opposing positive aspect to help meld a better understanding of this existence we all live in. As I had stated earlier, Galileo may have seen the value of this possible conglomeration. Maybe not.

Until I feel otherwise in my heart that this potential isn’t possible, I won’t change my course.

If we were to find another hominid life form or such as, any other life form on another planet and signs of other life it would be a major yield as to what we should do. If like the skeptics of government and people believing in the N.W.O are right about there already being alien life forms among us or here in the universe, then it’s safe to say that Catholic religions would deny such anomalous fabrications.
Really though, if we were to think like those nut jobs for just a minute, we would find out that we’re never to know. Who knows? I’ve found information on people that worked intelligence in government and worked on top secret assignments. I haven’t yet found anything about government even denying aliens or anything crazy these people I’ve seen talk about. It’s interesting because if there were to be life on another planet other then Earth well then it meshes with religions and beliefs. Life on other planets welcomes us with confrontation and is no way going to let another life form slide by it’s own doorstep because we’re all in the ocean of space and on an island called a planet.
There would be so much going on if there were finding of other lifeforms yet I wouldn’t know because I haven’t heard anything about there being any.

What constitutes credible tangible evidence to get everyone on board of off world alien life then? This emergence of the Catholic church leaving open the possibility of extraterrestrial beings surprises me. Why would they in the face of irrefutable proof if it presented itself, go into denial with some of the higher ranking clergy are open to such things.

‘Nut jobs’ as in who?

I’m not quite sure how life on another planet would justify a collusion with any religious entity of their beliefs. Certain cults may have a bent in that direction…perhaps the Church of Scientology?

It would seem that if another life form that could traverse the vastness of space and find this planet, they would be more that the ocassional sighting or blip on a radar screen. I’m not sure if it is a hoax or not, but there was a news report of a man recently who summon a bright ball of light within visual range and then it would disappear. During the summoning the cameraman captured a ball of light as it descended from the sky. The reporter was dumbfounded to see it. I watched that segment and can not verify to it’s validity.

The 14 billion years points to the “big bang”, not to the second before it. Unless you believe something came from nothing, you can honor the ancient traditions, such as Jainism, or some modern philosophical outlooks that see our assignment of beginnings as ignoring our experience of process. All we know of beginnings or ends is our experience of the life and death of individual consciousness, which we extrapolate in order to bracket reality into rational packets. Perhaps we are existing in multiverses.
The Pope’s idea of creation extending beyond our Earth is, perhaps, a first step toward his realization that ends and beginnings, such as those described by an Earth-centered universe, are limited views of the cosmos and the powers of a god.