The Popular Transcendence of Human Understanding.

I read some metaphysics, got bored and wrote this.

We turn to face reality. Its very existence submits a generous plethora of tricks and subterfuge.

“Stand here to be conquered, or forever reap gestation of subliminal cause! Slap impossibility on your chest, or heave to - your courage. We forget you now, even as we speak.”

Tick tock, now look back to the green ooze of our imagination, the very substance of our own creation. The silly putty of intellectual endeavour secretly bids it’s own awakening. Omit awareness and the derivations of their kind, breath the simplicity of necessity. Find the junction of reality and reasoning. Therein lies the prophet of man.

"Skittle back to your dungeon my scaly friend, your claws tighten on a rock that cannot be marked. Tell me, do your splinters and cracks serve other purpose than to annoy my insensitivity towards your escape?

Bigger, better, brash and corrigible. The translation of form to endurance provides a simple clasp of insurance. A dynamism.

What of the function to provide and nurture the drunken stance of epitome? Mankind’s weakness told through skittles of dilemma. Standing to attention like zombies of industry, fortune, success, power. No less creative for fallacy, no more humble for sacrifice.

If through chance of my jar in my room settling to upheave these gross tendencies without my knowledge, trust me now I will be there, watching intently. Even now I wait and spy you. Ugly and perverse, mocking scarcely the trick of life, more to find the prong to spear destiny and shake so hard that I must think I can hear a rattle.

Nice piece of performance art.

without the scenes, actors, script?

thanks sugar