The pre-eminence of Western culture

From the postwar rock’n’roll era to the futuristic projects of the present day, Western culture has yet to fail the task assigned it by the higher men of our times. Anywhere one might find at home the good European, both young and old generations continue to prove themselves robust before the dual hydra heads of war and freedom whose ascendency constitutes the mark of declining empire par excellence. Here we see Western culture passionately redoubt even in its most mercurial states of being, Western thought itself inevitably proving time and time again to be a force which, even in the darkness of night, conquers the ignorance of millennia to the glory of a world as brave and young hearted as it is in need of the immortal.

If you look at any concrete “achievement” of western culture, it almost always has a non-western origin. Also, it seems to me that western thought has either descended into nihilism and insignificance, or superseded the ‘western’ perspective in favor of a universal sense of itself.

I dunno, that’s such a negative perspective. Look at postwar pop culture for example, it’s all really cool and it dont get forgotten either. Not to mention how people are basically even free to have sex on the street these days. You gotta be pretty stodgy to say that kinda thing ain’t good.

It is not really good considering that people were able to do those things before ‘civilization’ even got started. Dogs are free to have sex on the street.

Oh, your eminence, I did not notice you here among this rabble! But did not Nietzsche compare the squeeky rockers with cowards who scream when frightened in the battle? And why say “empire” if that is only democracy? The empire comes after democracy, because someone must conserve the dead body.

Your eminence! What, people fucking like dogs on the street isn’t good?!?