The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden Jan 20th 2021

Just sitting here at home preparing some popcorn, beverages, and tasty treats for the presidential inauguration of Joe [Beijing] Biden on January 20th 2021. I’m going to be doing my own commentary for the big day as well inside this thread. Please enjoy the music below concerning our new national anthem inside the United States. :sunglasses:


Everybody wearing masks, small businesses being shut down…

Everyday North America is looking more and more like China, it’s fucking disgusting.

Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 2, we will see the US military decline, China will take #1 position and start their military expansion. EU and Russia will bend the knee to China, as USA just did on Jan 6th.

After enough US degeneration, military powers will start more conventional wars and expand through proxy wars. China will gain more territory across the world.

China will buy-up most of the West Coast USA, no military intervention required to begin the financial takeover by Communism.

you two have been so consistently wrong about the election, IQ45,
the court cases going to IQ45, IQ45 being reelected,
about Biden… In fact, I can’t really recall an event you predicted
over the last few months to actually have happened…of course
you can’t either… but that won’t stop you from rewriting history
to make it sound like you were right about everything…you weren’t…

you two have absolutely no credibility of any kind in area
of predictions…


Haha, before Trump was president, I saw an interviewer ask him his pet peeve, and he said, “People who exaggerate.”

Then I listen to him as president, and he uses exaggerations all the time. He’s the best, the biggest, the most, the least, ever, ect.

I don’t wish to highlight him as hypocrite, since most people don’t like things in others that they do themselves.

However exaggeration is a subtle form of misinformation. In the age of information, misinformation is a plague.

Equating Biden to Communist China operative is an example of the exaggerations that Trump made an acceptable way of speaking.

My popcorn went stale a long time ago.

Yeah sadly these kind of posts make you appear far less credible, Zero. Probably not a concern for you, but it’s obvious you’re buying into the same lies as the MAGAs.

wow, incredulous moron thinks he can lecture others about credibility

wut thread or idea have u ever impressed upon anybody on this forum, ever, moron?

nothing, becuz u dont have respectable opinions or beliefs, now shoo 2 a thread that u author, that nobody reads or cares about

K: your english has so degenerated that I have a very hard time understanding what
you are writing… is it hard to learn English after speaking Russian your whole life?
and do you get paid in dollars or Rubles?


Yes, with a full entirely democratic government I imagine the United States and its puppet allies will go back to picking a fight against Russia when it should be China that they should be concerned with.

Always remember the neo-liberal democrat motto in the United States.

“Everybody that disagrees with me must be a Russian bot.”

Yes, indeed. Living over here the last twenty years has been a real trip and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep my sanity intact, in fact that almost has become a full-time job in of itself.

Yeah, it’s not like his son Hunter didn’t make millions of dollars in Ukraine, Russia,and China.

And it’s not like the stock exchange a couple of days ago dropped all economic sanctions against China either. [Which they did.]

Republicans or neoconservatives have many faults and errors, but democrats truly are fucking clueless imbeciles and sheep.

What I find interesting about democrats is their own unwillingness to question or criticize their own political platform, neoconservatives constantly criticize their own political platform, but democrats don’t. Democrats really just attract all the lazy people who don’t want to think for themselves, it’s just a bunch of yes men and women who do whatever they’re told or believe in just about anything they hear.

Its not a secret that money and power go together. If you want to believe that we have enemies around the world, meanwhile our own government keeps secrets from us, for the sake of guarding against those enemies, lets continue to sit in the dark then. Read 1984, especially the part were the enemies are needed to keep the so-called war going.

K: I was questioning his English skills which are poor, at best…
and I was wondering why they were so poor…


Well, at this point the American government itself has become the enemy and those that occupy it. The enemy is within. [Always has been here.]

Democrats everywhere are probably partying in celebration as they’ve taken control over the whole government and essentially have destroyed the republican political party drunk off of power, this however is not the end of conflict but instead only the beginning. That partying or celebration won’t last either especially when everybody realizes what their real collective agenda is.

Also, the democratic party is filled with so many Marxist or communist enthusiasts and sympathizers you democrats have literally no say in the matter when it concerns Joe Biden being a communist Chinese puppet. Even the major corporations or businesses that have donated to the Biden campaign make all of their money in China while the United States rots away in an economic malaise.

2021-2025 We’ll be saying that Beijing Biden is China’s little bitch, that much I can see.

Simplifying and categorizing an entire group of people, like, say “democrats,” already demonstrates a disregard for nuance that renders your argument impotent. The world exists in shades of gray, and it seems you may be lacking rods.

How have your predictions turned out thus far? I’m too lazy to go back and read through your posts, so be honest.

Not to push your buttons too much, but why do you care to the extent you do? I mean, if you are correct, and the enemies are within, well, that’s how Rome fell, the slaves threw open the gates. In a way, that’s just how things rise and fall. I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to accept it? Who knows, maybe China will save the planet, through technological advancement.

Let’s say they aren’t as much an enemy as reported, they have a bigger population, better chance of scientific genius being born, ect.

Yeah, I keep hearing democrats say how there is a great deal of differences inside the democratic party but I don’t and never have seen it.

Then you aren’t looking hard enough. You think AOC and Biden are on the same page?

Why is the quote “To divide is to conquer” lost on nearly everyone who claims red or blue?