The problem with Religion

The greatest emeny of humanity is religion that says it’s all right…you’re out there but we’re in here.

“Humanity is the only true religion. All others are pieces of the whole.”


The problem with Humanism, is that sexless, non-gendered human things don’t even exist in the first place.

All I see around me are Men and Women, no “humans”, sorry to burst your bubble… actually I’m not sorry. :wink:


thats right, continue to look at the differences and you may find yourself alienated from the human race. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I already am alienated from the human race. I’m man, not human. :sci-fi-grayalien:

do you know anything about
genus homo-sapien
spiecies human
sex male
will sombody help us to fill in the blanks so this man will understand he can’t get off that easy.
You’re are human no matter what you claim and until you accept that… chatting with you seems a little pointless.
You obviously missed a few lessons in reality.When and if you ever catch up to understanding, we with will be waiting
to welcome you back like the lost returned home. Good luck on your quest.
p.s. on future posts… humans only reply