The psychology of fat chicks

Anyone else get confused by fat chicks?

Like the other day I was on a date with this girl. I’m athletic, and attractive, and she is simply not in shape. Not obese but definitely not, not fat. Anyways I made it clear we could have sex if she wanted–I mean, whatever–but she made some comment about wanting to ‘wait.’

Anyways driving home I found it interesting that she assumed we would ever be meeting again.

Good for her.
Larger girls are usually not as shallow as skinny, superficial ones.

Translation: In spite of all his apparent fitness (part of which is his apparent nonchalance), Gobbo was turned down.

Gobbo, the fact that you were open to a date with this girl, and later to sex with her, implies that she’s apparently fit enough for you. I think what happened is simply that she realised that.

And you assumed she wasn’t just letting you down nicely. You know, making you think you weren’t getting any now because she wanted to go slowly or something, when in fact she probably doesn’t like to have sex with assholes. You know, like ‘wait’ for someone else.

She was obviously a dyke.

You were dumped by a fat chick, and broadcast it in public…

FACT Fat chicks hate themselves because they are not as good as people as hot chicks. LOL Any girl that isn’t skinny now a days is fat. SO she was fat. And hates herself. What was her name? Rumblytummy Rollyollypollyolly?

I like a bit of meat. Sorry to hear of your lost opportunity at getting some.

Lol so much fat in here.

Pandora you seem a little too quick to get emotional.

If you’re chunky you should probably take what you can get.

Yep. I am.

I can do stuff like that because I’m me.

And you? Well it’s clear you’re a neck beard.

Non-emotionally speaking, when the girl said she wanted to “wait”, how do you know she meant she wanted to wait for you? Perhaps she wanted to wait for a guy that was a little less to the left on the scale of douchebagness.

Also, calling yourself “attractive” may be going a little too far, if that is your picture on your blog. You’re an average goof, just like millions upon millions of people wandering around on our pale blue dot. :wink:

Non-emotionally speaking that is.

I’ve heard that fat chicks usually give better blowjobs and are more willing to allow anal because they have to make up for not being skinny.

translation: another night with the porn

Yeah, I like watching porn while I do it.

If I was emotional I would have called you an asshole right off the bat.

Looks like she proved you wrong.

Maybe she didn’t prove him wrong. I mean, to “take what you can get”, doesn’t really apply when you see what you can get, and decide not to take it, then end up not taking anything at all. No take = no “taking what you can get”.

OP you just gotta lie and tell em you hate skinny girls, and that they look like “real women” because they have saggier tits and stuff. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get em drunker than you would a regular girl. Fat chicks have not only to lower their inhibitions like everyone else, but they also have to drink past that self esteem gap between them and their attractive counterparts.

1)switch the beer for vodka
2) say you think skinny girls are ugly because they have less tits and ass

Nah I didn’t get proven wrong. She wants to sleep with me. She just wants to wait.

But why does she think that I would be willing to wait? Cause I’m not. She texted me last night drunk wanting to hookup. Too late.

If you want to have sex with a guy why wait? Why buy into bs social proprietary conventions if you’re less likely to be able to get laid? What’s the worst that happens? I fuck her and we don’t see her again? No the worst that could happen is we don’t fuck and I never see her again.

It’s weird. Self-restrictive for no reason. Why do you want to reinforce the conventions of a society that doesn’t see you as ideal? I see their beauty, sometimes.

Why the allegience, Pandora? Maybe you can explain. At the end of the day I’m temporarily sometimes cool with embracing a woman as they are. How dare you call me an asshole.

this is why u gotta go for older women

none of that immature horseshit