The Purpose of Life

This is a short work for my english 12 assignment: Write about a local, national, or international issue of concern.

An Issue of Concern:
Finding Purpose for Life

Why are we here? From where did we come? Where are we going? These are questions asked by many but answered by nearly none. What is the meaning of our presence upon this curious, remarkable world?

Human culture is riddled with complexities and uncountable double standards. With every generation, our outlook as a whole becomes incredibly different. It becomes difficult for adults and children to relate, because they have no perspective of each others lives and memories. The truth is, each human is so infinitely different that it’s a wonder that we can get along at all. This is why society and culture is so important. People have created a system of events and reactions that at first come off as problems. But in reality, debating over and attempting to solve problems is what keeps us interested and involved with each other.

A good way to go about life is to work with and around society. I think we should not only find a way to fit in and be accepted, but we should use what we have to better ourselves and our place in the world. Each day is nothing but a series of decisions. We seamlessly decide which people to talk to, what to pay attention to, what to eat, where to go. So much of our routine is done in a habitual, thoughtless manner. People should think about these actions closely, and change their ways for the better. My life has many examples. Up until my sophomore year, I wasn’t doing too well in the world. I didn’t go out of my way to make conversations and friends. But eventually I realized that the more you give to the world, the more you receive. I talked to people and I made things happen. All my work towards improving my place in reality has compounded upon itself. Now I have a good amount of friends and no enemies. I became a musician and play in a band. I get to play shows and even get paid for it at times. I even get asked to the school dances. All of this just because I used our language to interact and affect the right people, and let them affect me.

This is an intensely brief essay for the topic I chose. In short, I would say that the purpose of existence is to change life as much as possible for the better. People are all we have, so we may as well prosper along with them.

“People are all we have, so we may as well prosper along with them.”

An anthropocentic view if ever there was one.

"People should think about these actions closely, and change their ways for the better. "

Practice this and your philosophy will broaden and deepen.

Without an intelligent creator there can be no meaning or purpose to life as it would be driven by pure chance and accident (which is technically impossible)

With an intelligent creator who we have a like soul with the meaning becomes obvious and simple, Love.

Without, nothing matters and there is no right or wrong or good or bad, so party on because one day all will be gone and not one shred of evidence will exist as to our presence in this universe, so it will be as we never were.

No. Meaning or purpose becomes subjective. Technically impossible? I would argue that a god is technically impossible.

Love? Haha, we’re sure doing a great job of carrying out that purpose, aren’t we?

Nothing matters? That’s quite a pessimistic view of world. Right, wrong, good, and bad are all subjective. Morals are created by societies. Different societies have different morals therefore morals are subjective.

Hey, now you’re talking; I kinda like that idea. Our species has been alive for such a short time and we’ve done way more damage to ourselves and this earth as a whole than any other species combined. I’d rather no one finds out about how destructive our species is.

‘Purpose’ implies a decision made through the use of intellect.
Since ‘intellect’ is an evolved characteristic based on memory and experience, and in the history of our universe is a recent addition to life,
life itself had/has no purpose except ‘instinct’.

The eternal instinct of life is to be active.
Currently life’s action (not to be confused with ‘purpose’) is expansion.

This kind of idea (purpose) is just our habit of transference of our human characteristics to life itself (which is not valid).

Chronologically it’s…
Instinct then intellect,
the reality of logic that exposes the fallacy of a belief in ‘God(s)’.

Give it a try.

No were not (obviously), how many friends do you surround yourself with, do you have any standards? Maybe God has standards too. Do you not see a culling process here on earth; do we not all engage in this? Maybe it a natural law, with purpose.

show me meaning without consequences beyond the grave? Show me meaning without everlasting life, either biological or spiritual. If it all ends one day, what does anything matter? Living is hard, dying is easy, why not die?!

The universe is unlimited, and the mind is limited, so we will never know.

Or perhaps, life is a result of absurdity?

We can and do know ( a posteriori) that
intelligence and knowledge are always dependent on memory and prior experience,
and as such,

  1. are not ‘always present’ (or ‘eternal’)
    2)cannot be present in existence until experience forms it[/b]

So there is no intelligent purpose overall to existence.
It is, and it’s active…
everything else is gravy.

PS:The universe is not unlimited, it’s behavior is cyclical;
and, expansion will revert to contraction.
It is constant in it’s behavior from a prime vibration to a complex series of vibrations and back

Why has the idea of god only existed for a small amount of time relative to our existence? If you believe in creationism, why hasn’t the idea of god existed since we were created? The idea of god was thought up because our arrogance as a species.

So God picks and chooses? Man, you’ve got a pretty vengeful god. I thought God was supposed to accept everybody? Actually, I’d rather not be associated with that kind of God.

Show me meaning with consequences beyond the grave. Maybe everybody goes to the same place? Who knows? All I’m saying that we’re only here for a short time and we might as well make the best of it. Create your own meaning and your own purpose, don’t allow someone else to do it for you. If one day God comes out of the clouds and literally tells us our meaning then I’ll follow that out. But until then, I’m going to live my own life. I don’t know about you but if it all ends one day, I’d rather stay alive as long as possible.

You said “I would argue that a god is technically impossible”.

To which I replied Give it a try, IOW, try showing that God is technically impossible.

I have no idea how or why you think this statement is any proof of the impossibility of God existing. Nor do I understand how or why you can say that the idea of God is relatively new. As far as all historical records show the idea of a creator has been here from the beginning of humanity. Man has always explained existence to come from a source until recently when our arrogance and desire to be god has poisoned our reasoning into thinking that something can come from nothing.

Not really, we both do, just like friends do. What is wrong with this mutual process, it happens here in all societies from the beginning, do you wish to complain about that as well? Can you think of an alternative process where free will and choice is involved?

BTW, how does this make God petty and vengeful, is this what we are doing when we choose our friends? You got a twisted outlook if you do IMO.

What if my meaning and purpose is to eat the flesh of babies and sell their bones as jewelry, if I’m clever enough I can do this for a lifetime and not get caught and all is well.

Fair, or not?

You sound a lot like a pure relativist, are you? No right no wrong, no good or bad? If so then why are you debating anything I say as its relatively logical and correct from my personal POV, yes?

I guess that I am a bit of a relativist. I think that the purpose of everyone’s life is relative to their own place in the world and their own mind. I don’t think it really has much to do with a God, unless someone chooses to live a life with a god-serving purpose.

Ties into my point also about intelligence.
Not always here…requires memory and experience to develop.

You can’t think of one common thing that we all seek and need for our will to survive?

I can.

If there is such a thing that is specific to humans only then wouldn’t that be a candidate for our purpose of life?

A limited mind is part of the universe. It is impossible for a mind (a very small part of universe) to completely get itself around the entire universe. Even if the universe were limited, a mind could never completely understand everything in the universe unless it was everything in the universe. And then, it wouldn’t be a mind at all, it would be the universe. But I don’t believe we have to understand everything in the universe to understand if there is one overall purpose/meaning to life in this universe. I believe it is an absurd question.

“Meaning/Purpose” implies design. There is only a meaning/purpose to something if it has been designed for something. Whether or not you believe in God doesn’t answer the question either. For what is the meaning/purpose of God? Like others stated in this post, it turns subjective and seems absurd to ask the question in this light.

To ask the question, “What is the meaning of life?” is simple to answer if by asking the question you are assuming that life was designed for a meaning/purpose. The answer would be that the meaning of life is whatever the designer of life made life for.

But here is my issue. It seems to me that when people ask, “What is the meaning of life?” they can sometimes be asking the broader question of “What is the meaning of it all?” To ask this question is absurd. And it is absurd NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE!

Let’s take the example of a western Christian person asking “What is the meaning of everything?” To say everything, includes not only the universe, but all of the metaphysics too. So, what is the meaning of not only our universe but God, Heaven, EVERYTHING? Now doesn’t it seem absurd to ask that? To ask of its meaning/purpose you must get outside it, and you can’t get outside everything.

I apologize that this post is not worded well. I need to work on putting this idea into better words or read up on a philosopher who has already put it into much clearer words.

Is everyone here a pure relativist?

Is there a sane mind left on these Internet forums?

Okay I’ll bite …
spew your guts…

Thats a question for you to answer.

I think the meaning is to experience as much as you can, so you can reflect on the happy times when you’re older.
Not very deep, but honest, and also something to look forward to.

I just think the purpose is to learn and enjoy the ride.

The purpose, was never to be logical.

The purpose was always driven by the desire to get up and do something, or the desire to stay where you are.

Life is driven by desire, and the amount of it.

Highly developed logical brains were meant to be used to analyze and solve complex problems.

We KNOW the purpose of life, so therefore why do we question it?

Questioning it only presupposes that we are not certain of the purpose.

If only people like this would listen to themselves.

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