The Queen and Mrs. Obama: Did the First Lady Break Protocol?

Thank GOD we have news sources dedicated to informing the public about the protocol of whether or not one should touch the queen! That’s what journalism’s all about! … ml?cnn=yes

was sir elton in town?


Imp, whilst I usually enjoy your posts, this has to rank among the least funny things you’ve said. Queen?! Elton John?! Oh my you made a gay joke! IT WORKS ON SO MANY LEVELS!!

Yeah, I hope you’re proud of that line.

I see dead brains.

(this message was brought to you by me running out of coffee before work this morning)

one country’s royalty is legitimate, the other is posited by the msm longing for a return to american camelot…

the obamas are presented in america with a papal infallibility…

one man’s queen…

dead brains indeed…


I think the queen was cool about it - she’s cooler than people think… :wink:

I herd they lezed out for the cameras.