The Quest for Truth (or the next best thing.)

First of all, are those folders here yet?

Next. I propose a direction for ilp. Ilp needs a direction, as everybody seems to be bored and this site seems really depressing to fired up newbies who hold eternal truth (or think they do, as there is no such thing). There’s so much energy and ambition out there in the young ranks, like myself, and yet I get the feeling Ilp is not harnessing it. I also sense that perhaps you, ben, are somewhat dissatisfied with your forum.

As has been noted, most ilpers collect a great number of posts, and then just die. Just are overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness, and gradually leave the site to do more “real” things, like you yourself do now. There are really great people out there, who want to come up with something of worth, or did.

We need a direction. We need some sort of quest for something, some philosophical jewel or pendant or chest. Anything. Here’s what I imagine:

An organized, sectioned effort to produce a comprehensive worldview, a “perfect” philosophy, even if such a thing cannot exist. It could be like wikipedia, with all the members contributing voluntarily and for the benefit of others. Have you ever felt that vindication you get when you finish a wikipedia article. Even though, no doubt, your article will be revised and redone and so forth, there’s a nice purposeful feeling to be had in it. That’s what I think the philosophical world in general needs. The feeling that whether correct or incorrect your views are helpful.

New people jumping in, not reading anything, and bringing up an old topic solved long ago.

Solution: A directory of the topics and their solutions, a summary of each topic’s resolution.

Who would do all this? Well, you can’t, can you… Um. I’m not sure. It would be arrogant to suggest myself, wouldn’t it. Well, I leave that decision in your skilled hands.


Zeus the Wonderdog

Some good points. Are you a contributor at symposia?

Naw. Not yet.

One could argue it fills the purpose you suggest is lacking, in some respects.