The real problem in the world

I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks that in these forums and other places that conservative fundamentalism is a huge problem. I think we are looking at the effect and not the cause.

The cause of extreme fundamentalism is the breakdown of what is acceptable. Look at the media industry with movies, it’s now acceptable to show a level of gore in movies that would be reserved for NC-17 and not R.

It’s now acceptable in video games to play the role of a snuff film star. Is this the kind of image as a society we want to deem acceptable? and these are only two examples. There are many more ranging from Britney spears to the way men treat women in music videos.

what response should we expect but extreme fundamentalism? Maybe we need to respond as liberals as well to this, I mean WE have morays too do we not? why let this stuff stand?

youre right, we need more violent sex on tv.

if only we could say what things suck and what things are good. i know i can, but nobody accepts a standard. therefore there is no standard, and as far as todays capitalist popular media has shown me, that means that there is also no quality.

the country is founded upon people saying whatever they want if people want to hear it, and even if they dont. the thing that keeps people from saying a bunch of stuff that nobody wants to hear is the fact that money is not infinite, and nobody pays for what they dont want.

lucky for mtv, people do want to see butts shaking and hos being slapped and rich retards giving a tour of their ridiculous house, losers crying about their problems and brainless mannequins going about their daily business.

the problem here is that if it makes money, people will try and sue and sue until they are allowed to make money with it. that coupled with the fact that more tv creates more brainless tv zombies with less brains who tune in to increasingly brainless zombie shows and the cycle never stops.

god help us when our generation of MTVADD freaks grows up to rule the world and act like jessica simpson for the rest of their life. hopefully they will just be docile so that they will not resist my conquest. then we’ll see what kind of reality shows are on tv.

violence in video games? thats just great stuff with no side effects. fun games without violence are really hard to think up. imagine your a 28th century soldier with a jet pack and skis and you fly around online with 30 people. thats fun, but what else could you do to make it more fun? kill!
buy tribes vengeance.

as for sexy girls everywhere, i think its great. but apparently, girl brains are fragile delicate things that break very easily. they are all convinced that they are pieces of meat! i would love to see what a feminist from the seventies thinks about the latest crop of zombies. i have never thought i would see such incredibly slutty 12 year olds. it makes me sick.

besides the fact that they are showing off their naked baby fat, they use the fact that guys like them to play crazy superiority games with them. they dont care if you are actually a good guy with all of the characteristics they tell you about, they care if other people will instantly notice that they captured one of those super guys. they want a damn rock on their finger so they can show everyone that they accomplished their mission. they dont care about their own happiness, they care about other people thinking that they succesfully got it. they care so much because the only way they ever see succesfull girls on tv is when they are sexy and plastered in jewelry. what a world

Let’s not make excuses for tyrants and bigots. There is no legitimate excuse for such a comprehensive movement to destroy the basic freedoms on which the US was founded. Religious fundamentalism has become more popular with the expansion of what is “acceptable” in visual media, yes, but it is at bottom a cowardly reaction against all new ideas. Lazy and irresponsible parents used to be able to leave their kids in front of the TV and not have to worry that they might one day leave the primitive tribal group-mind. This is no longer the case. Nowadays all sorts of new ideas can enter a kid’s head, such as that not all people live the way his parents say everyone has to; TV is no longer a sanitized 1950’s version of the world.

And let’s not confuse what it really is that pisses them off. Nobody gives a damn about violence; as long as those who perform it are “the good guys,” the only people who are going to care about gore are liberal parents who don’t want their kids growing up with the idea that they can settle all their problems by blowing people’s heads off. The fundamentalists, on the other hand, are just fine with the Swift Hand of God raining hot leaded death on the unrighteous, as long as nobody flashes any cleavage or has any enjoyment of their own body.

Then they get all self-righteous and sanctimonious and have the unmitigated gall to say we’re the ones destroying the “moral fabric” of America. “Family values” my hot stinking rectum.

I think that the operative term here is extreme, and it really make’s no difference left, right, liberal, or conservative. I just got out of a thread where I spent (wasted) a bunch of time trying to get across that life is best lived in the middle and not on the extreme ends.

It’s true that everyone has their own ‘values’, but as I read the current trends, the issue is less about the values held and more about the source and verification of those values. It is one thing to state a principle and then proceed to construct a rational 'how shall we live? methodology around that principle, it’s quite another to talk to my hairdryer and then proclaim that God or Santa Claus told me this is how things have to go if we don’t want a bunch of hurricanes in Florida as punishment for our iniquities.


We’re back where we were a few weeks ago. Fundamentalist religion may not be the answer, any more than the answers of those ‘hollywood liberals’. We need a system of ethics based on reason. A ‘that make’s sense’ approach to working and living together.

Future Man,

Given your very apt description of some of Western societal problems, is it any wonder that the world of Islam is more than a little uncomfortable with ‘creeping secularism’ ala the western powers? That’s not a defense of their tactics, but I can’t feel convinced that we’re doing what is right either.



that’s where I’m headed back to. I think it’s utterly important we find common ground.


has any christian fundamentalist ever heard of… hmm whats it called… that thing… some guy briefly mentioned it 2k years ago before he talked about his special magic sin forgiving connection to god… im constantly talking about it- ah yes the golden rule, ‘that makes sense’ to me.

how hard is it to set up a gov commitee that analyzes all situations where they have jurisdiction and sees who gets hurt and who gets helped and how much by whatever decisions they make.

i dont think the gov wants us to be that happy, or else they would have done this a while ago.

what other standard for morality is there??? i still dont understand ayn alternatives except for some kind of stalinesque need to murder in order to keep people in line, whose usefullness can be measured in relation to the gold rule, and whose successful implementation would look like nothing like stalins russia.

and hell yes islam has a better foundation for their violence than we do. we have no foundation except that they scare us and we have to smack them down every time it looks like we might have to. they are damn right if they think our values are going to corrupt their society. i hope to god they dont see mtv over there. if they ever do, there will probably be a wave of attacks so fearsome and hopefully targeted at mtv headquarters.

Have you guys ever heard of Newton’s third law of motion?
“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Putting aside my general distaste for physics, I think that that statement perfectly sums up the status quo.

Humanity’s entered quite a dangerous stage. We’ve gotten to the point where many don’t even consider self-restraint or control - it’s about satiating whatever carnal, emotional or spiritual whim that arises within us. I know that there’s all this high-minded, morally-superior talk about freedom (yadda yadda yadda…sigh), but when you move towards such a loosening of social standards, those who oppose find it difficult to make their voices heard if they take a moderate stance. They take the polar opposite view simply to make a point of which they are utterly convinced. We’ve lost the chance to reach a middle-ground.

And how the hell can we find common ground in such an environment?
We live in a world half hell-bent on “Don’t impose your morality on me.” People won’t accept standards anymore because that would mean imposing limitations on themselves, which in this day and age of individualism is unacceptable.

dead_poet, your statement is valid yet invalid.

The majority in america that is purchasing these games for their kids and themselves are christians. I kid you not.