the real search in philosophy and life....

as I have stated before, look around you and what do you see?
do you see chaos and disorder? or do you see order, structure
in the universe?

even walking in King Cayon national park or Yosemite, up in the
mountains, at 9000 or 10,000 feet, we see order, structure,
stability…the drive in the universe is toward, notice that word,
toward order, structure, stability… the question in philosophy,
science, politics, history, economics, biology… is this question of
order, structure, stability…

under what principle is the order of life in, say biology, is found?
What principles in life bring about order and structure? and is the
same principle that brings about biological order, is that same principle
that brings about historical or scientific order?

upon what principles is philosophical order predicated upon?

Think of it this way, we have a library of ten thousand books…
I wish… anyway, on what principles do you then organize that
library? Do you organize that library based on the alphabet,
or based on subject or based on subject matter or based upon the writer?

What is the thematic scheme you use to organize a library? I did my library in themes…
so I have the history books on one shelf, I have the philosophy books on another shelf or
really on 4 shelves, my current readings on another shelf, any philosophical biographies
on another shelf, novels and plays and poems on another couple of shelfs,
with big hardcover books on the bottom of the shelf in the closet, regardless of
the topic of the big hardcover books…now I could have use literally dozens
of organizing principles… as I am currently short on space, I have my chess books
on the top of my shelves, with the history, economic, social themed books…
I try to keep books on the same subject together… I tend to do my research
based on the same subject… hence I will study poetry in a group,
and it is easier to gather up if they are in one place…So I have Blake
and Whitman and Goethe basically on the same shelf…

but that is the beauty of a library and its system… how one organizes
it, can be totally up to one’s own choice as to the organizing principle…
so how would you organize your philosophy books? by Author, by subject, by
time period. What is the guiding principle one uses to organizes a library?

that is the basic search in life… what is the organizing principle of
existence? how do we organize basic aspects of existence?
do we do it thematically, for example, we organize all religion
together regardless of when it was or who wrote it? or do
we break it out into religion, all Jewish writings go here
and all Buddhist writings go there and all Hindu writings go on that shelf…
or do we alphabetize everything?

so when science decides to organize stuff, which is basically
all science does, under what principle/principles does and should science
organize knowledge?

How should philosophy think of itself?
how should history think of itself?
how should economics organize itself?

we make organizational choices all the time… I have a junk drawer,
so what exactly should go into a “Junk” drawer? if it is really junk,
then I should throw it out, but it isn’t “Junk” per se, it is small things
that can be easily lost if I don’t put it somewhere… how do we organize
something like our lives? Someone asks you, who are you? and how do
you go about organizing that? what theme will you use to thematically
organize your life? in many ways, the ultimate question of existence
is really this… how are we to organize our lives? What themes are
we going to use to organize our lives? by time period, when I was small,
I …and in high school, I was a “Athlete” and was known for playing sports,
if asked, I would have self-identified myself as a “Athlete”… that is one
way to organize my life… but hundreds of ways exists… so, how would you
organize your life? under what principles would you use to organize your life?
think about it, every major question we face, is a question of,
how is that organized? What principles did you use or will use to organize
any given event?

in a very real way, we seek the meaning of life in our organization of existence…
how are we to organize what it means to be human… for example…
is existence about happiness or love or gaining knowledge?
each of these things is part of our organization of existence…
they are, in fact, themes we could use to organize existence…

how do you organize your existence? and what themes are you using or
what method of organization are you using? that becomes the basic
question of existence? how is existence organized?


I go to work shortly, so this will be relatively brief…

In reading, Plato, one of the topics in his writings,
was the symposium involving the Greek word for love,
Ero’s and the approach is philosophical…
We also note a key word in Christianity is love/Agape…
and that approach is religious…

so we have the same word and the understanding of that same word
is different…how are we to classify the Greek understanding
of love and the Christian understanding of love?

Where would we place these two different understandings?
Do we follow up on the Greek word by than seeing how all ancient Greeks
viewed love? Or do we follow up on love historical, philosophically, by
country or time period, or by author? Or perhaps by some combination
of them? Or do we seek out other methods like etymology, usage, linguistically?

just like our arraigning our bookcases, we can file our understanding of
eros or Agape in a vast number of ways. It can depend on our
starting point, our goal, our purpose, the agenda for such research,
who is the target audience, any number of ways we can arrange
our understanding of eros/agape…

so in seeking philosophy, how are we to work out our understandings
for example, what is the ‘‘meaning’’ of life?

historically, thematically, other writers, religiously, philosophical,
by the beginning point, the end point, the journey along the way?

what kind of ‘‘story’’ am I going to tell about the meaning of life?
and who, what, when, where, how and the why of the story being told?

rethink how we approach these questions of existence from ‘‘what is the
meaning of existence’’ to ‘‘what story am I going to tell about existence’’.
and not only what facts shall I engage with, but why those facts and not
other facts. What is my agenda for seeking out the meaning of existence?
and who is my audience?

rearrange your questions like one is arranging your bookshelf,
how are we to work out which question belongs where?
is my question a thematic one, a historical one, a religious one,
a philosophical one?

so take Kant’s question ''what am I to do?
and how would you arrange that question?
socially, historical, philosophical, thematical, religiously,
by author, or perhaps by some other theme?, like what is your
ending point or what is your agenda?


when we move out of our little narrow, human universe,
we see that all, all of life, is working upon the same basic principles.
the universe is nothing but a big machine for giving birth to us, living things, and consciousness. The universe, like an organism, breathes, it is pulsing, it moves. It moves
toward greater and great order, stability …
life is also moving towards order, structure, stability…
because it is giving birth to more life, more consciousness, more order, structure, stability…

in the universe, everything has a life of its own. Nothing is
merely inert. Nothing is just a bunch of electrons and protons and quarks
that happen to have been placed together. Everything is alive.
Everything has a life of its own, life in the universe is a universal
breath, a universal movement. Everything is breathing, pulsing, moving.

it is only a human thing to want to make ourselves the center of
the universe.

the human being wants to subsume the universe, the mind seeks to reduce everything, to reduce
it to one basic unit, while in truth all Order is an expression
of the Universe and its intrinsic movement. So the universe, in reality, as we experience it, is a machine,
but a machine with purpose. It is a machine that creates itself,
creates consciousness. This is the greatest miracle. And this
means, you and I are a miracle.

there is life in everything, and in this, the universe is itself alive. And we are only the manifestation of the
“great mind” in this universe, in this existence, in this body.

And consciousness is an expression of the universe,
it is an expression of the universe as the universe creates itself, creates itself
to self-express its intrinsic movement. There is no end to this; there is no
limits to it. There is no beginning and there is no end, there is just
this continual movement, this flow of movement, this dynamic of this
ever-present movement.

this is what we call life. We feel this is what we are.
And so, life is the expression of this movement, this pulsing,
the dance of the Universe.

so what is philosophy?

an attempt to create organizing principles that allow us to navigate
existence…principles created by one such means of gathering
information, reason/logic…

to present clear coherent rational principles based on reason/logic,
not based on religious principles, or other biased principles…
to give an coherent statement about what it means to be human
without any more bias then needed…

the trick is not to eliminate all bias, for that is impossible,
but to limit the amount of bias offered up by any coherent, rational
principles of existence…

how does one limit bias?

by using some principles like …To know thyself…
and ‘‘the unexamined life isn’t worth living’’‘’
to engage in a ‘‘reexamination of values’’
as to what values are my values and what values
were indoctrinated into me by my family, state,
church, society… this is one such path into an
understanding of our principles and values by which
we can understand our existence…
both individually and collectively…

finding the guiding principles of existence
requires us to engage both individually and
collectively into what it means to be human…



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