The Reason Alex Jones hasn't been Killed

One question I have heard a number of times is the following: “Why hasn’t anyone killed Alex Jones yet?” I think this is the answer:

[size=150]Predictive Modeling[/size]

All Alex Jones does is read from mainstream papers. I mean he yells and does other stuff, but his whole method of operation is tied to documentation, and somewhat ironically in this case, he is unwilling to document anything that has not appeared in mainstream publications. This might sound wrong to many people, for to anyone who actually listens to this guy they know this is alarmingly correct. If someone calls in with something that has not appeared in any media publication he generally, if not always dismisses it.

What does this mean? It means that he is incredibly predictable; furthermore it means that everything associated with him is predictable. Put another way, the alternative news is not really that alternative in any substantial way if the ‘mainstream’ of the alternative news is entirely derived from the actual mainstream. In this way — trying to preserve the integrity of the established mode of reporting — he is a gatekeeper.

News that is put out into the world that predictive modeling would classify as detrimental to the establishment is likely given some likelihood of being picked up by Alex Jones, which in turn is given a likelihood of being picked up by the average person listening to Alex Jones. Putting aside that if it doesn’t make it past the MSM editors at all, AJ is probably not going to report it, one could also make the point that anything that in turn want AJ to cover need only be true, and reported once in some shitty way that will provoke Alex Jones to cover it instead.

So he’s basically not really alternative, and is likely still alive because the situation is so advantageous to ‘them’ and not really doing that much for anyone else. By Alex Jones being around, everything is calm and orderly in the context of predictability, and running probability models for social behavior.

[size=150]Human Psychology[/size]

Another reason I feel that he is the perfect tool for what he does is that somewhere along the lines someone figured out that having someone around to spill out the unadulterated truth actually does more to keep it a secret than actually trying to keep secrets.

“Wait… what?”

Actually think about it. All he does is read newspaper headlines on air. In the objective it’s all facts. Obviously some people will read this and assume this can’t be true, and that he must distort them with his own subjective bias, but again, for anyone that listens to him consistently (maybe no one here), that is simply not true.

I think it’s entirely easy to make the argument that once you establish a lie big enough (9/11) then it’s advantageous to have someone like AJ in somewhat of a prominent positions because the more popular he gets, the more he creates a rift between the people who are awake and those who are asleep. There will always be the larger group of people who thinks in terms of emotions instead of logic, so it’s extremely likely that people are going to dismiss the AJ figure, and in so doing, dismiss the truth that they will then obviously never find at that point. So in this way it’s actually better to have someone like that telling the truth, as opposed to missing the mark.

Hopefully that made sense. I know this argument is kind of confusing.

It could also be that hardly anyone knows who he is. Who is he anyway?

Someone who reads from mainstream papers.

He’s very polarizing, which I think is appreciated. IOW he comes at the issues from the conservative side and he has a strong anti-liberal hate message going openly or implicitly most of the time. I think that serves the powers that be. It keeps an active hate and tension between people who might otherwise find more common ground.

The reason he hasn’t been killed is that conservatives tend to do the killing.

It could be that he leaps on every bullshit controlled opposition - from Wikileaks to Ron Paul - that we’re offered. Basically, he’s an advertising service for the things that they want to be out there.

As well as being a bit fucking mental at times:

This is a good point. Not just that he goes mental, but also, he just doesn’t have the demeanour that any significant part of the population is going to respect. I would guess that his primary appeal is people who are already very angry, most on the conservative side. He is sort of a Rush Limbaugh of the conspiricists. Which is not to say he hasn’t led me to interesting information, but I can’t see him persuading many new people and likely he also ‘confirms’ the position of nearly all liberals and even most conservatives about conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

I feel like it’s more complicated than that. I feel like it’s what I said.

I think that if it is more complicated that you should abandon using self-glorifying simplicities like ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’.

I wouldn’t say most of Alex Jones’s audience are ‘awake’, except in the sense that I couldn’t sleep with him making all that racket.

I actually saw a fascinating documentary about this. It’s called “They Live”, starring Roddy Piper. Shit is mad deep.

They Live is not a documentary, though it is the basis for much of David Icke’s recent material…

Yeah it is. It most definitely is. For sure. You can’t make something like that up.

I’m with Smears. i think Jones hasn’t been killed because no one really gives a shit.

Moving on from the bad trolling…

I would say that are awake in comparison to the average person who has no conception of anything he’s talking about, or the context. And that context is what I was talking about.

I agree it’s not really explanatory to use these terms, but sometimes it is. The process is a physical change. You literally ‘wake up’. Similar to like a spirit vision or a crazy drug trip. Something changes and you are looking at the world in a new light. I don’t think you deny that, so can you stop derailing this? It’s important because I’m talking about how people are kept in that literal trance state. The actual mechanisms at work. I believe it’s obviously something that can be figured out.

I thought this angle on this topic was interesting. Maybe this is just a swing and a miss kind of scenario…

I think it’s obvious the military watches him. In fact, if you actually think about it, given the political landscape in the US right now, it’s basically absurd to think that someone with the viewer ratings he has (more than mainstream news) isn’t relevant to different social entities.

Please turn around and just leave.

It’s obvious? To those who are “awake”, it may be. I tried to find Jones’ radio ratings. He doesn’t show upon any “top” lists. Can you provide some evidence that his ratings are higher than mainstream news? For that matter, do we know what the ratings are for “mainstream” news? Do you mean radio news? All broadcast mainstream news?

I’m just wondering what the meaning is of what you claim here, Gobbo.


Maybe he means like, ratings as in how much people like it?

I think that secret societies and such aren’t large enough to manage to kill everyone they don’t like.
I think Alex Jones is a bit of a christian clown, but that might be wrong.
There are bigger fish to fry. Trying to take over the world isn’t easy.
Just like how one mafia fights with another one, there is probably in fighting between these various factions which they are probably more worried about.
This is entirely a guess though.

A good one though.