The Reason Alex Jones hasn't been Killed

I have no idea what you mean, really.

I ain’t derailing shit. I have never undergone such a ‘waking up’ process. Possibly because I never really believed in consumerism, nationalism or any of the other mainstream myths that are disrupted by realising… whatever.

Not at all. An awful lot of the alt media leeches off the mainstream, only reporting on those stories from within the mainstream that affirm their own agenda. The internet makes this too easy. As such, there’s a dynamic whereby they (the big THEY) are slowly conditioning us to accept various things, spiritual, psychological, physical, economic, both as they are implementing various policies and predictively, before certain events, technologies and policies that are planned for the future.

So, does the alt media, in picking up the stories about financial collapse, transhumanism and so on and repeating them do anything but aid this normalisation process? It only does if it achieves outrage, opposition to the incremental process. Alex Jones presents everything as outrageous, willingly mixes fiction with fact, treats crap high school dinners and people not being able to buy raw milk as just as serious a moral crime as the invasion of Libya. Thus, the people listening have no ability to distinguish between what is real, what is important, what they can do something about.

We must indeed choose from which factors we liberate (ourself, or the world), and which we tolerate as not contradicting but merely distracting our self-valuing/higher ethics/integrity. These ‘lesser demons’ can be bound to our will - the greater demons must be defeated.

It is better to have even monster leeches than vampires.
Alex Jones is a werewolf.
If you remove all of the werewolves, the leeches can no longer see any reflection of themselves and become eternal vampires.

For those many of you who have slept through your education;
Monster = Monolithic organization
Leech = someone/thing that takes without giving.
Werewolf = someone who cries out warnings of falsehoods being touting as truths (“reveals himself at the full moon (fake Sunlight)”).
Vampire = one who takes without giving in the darkness of night (hidden in the chaos) and has no means to be detected except by aberrant consequence - such as werewolves and people being consumed into struggles without apparent or rational cause (mysteriously “drained of their life’s blood”/“money”/“hope”/“enthusiasm”).

The real reason Alex Jones hasn’t been killed is because he’s so full of shit he’s mere fodder for schizophrenics who eat his conspiracy theories up like Christians do the bible.

I can readily pick apart religious arguments.

Let me know when you’re ready to debate me about any conspiracy topic. People will be wiping you off the floor.

It’s easy to say ‘conspiracy people are crazy’ it’s harder to put your money where your mouth is.

No thanks, I just came here to answer the question at hand. Anybody who has argued with a CTer knows that these types only back up their conspiracy theories with more conspiracy theories, such as your post did. Ad infinitum.

Run away little girl, run away…


Why you would try to answer a question that you later assert rests on a foundation unverifiable by agreed upon public facts?

As conspiracy theorists only entertain things that are unverifiable by public agreed upon facts, who knows if this question is even coherent? In other words, maybe Alex Jones is dead. Maybe he doesn’t even exist. Maybe I made this all up like I usually do, about everything, as that is also what conspiracy theorists do.

So many questions… not enough reason to care.

No no no, don’t try to lure me into your conversation. For someone who knows my understanding of reality is as pathetic as a lost sheep, you don’t seem very nurturing. Instead your want to antagonize me while you’re armed with your big bad bully intellect. I mean, you obviously purely dominate my schemata of reality and all you can do is rub it in. Why, why must you publicly humiliate me like this… just let me be intellectually inferior, please. Ignorance is bliss… just give me my blue pill… which apparently is filled with estrogen and such.

I’m not religious, but I think this answers it nicely.

[i]Most Americans think of love as a mushy, sentimental feeling. You never punish someone you love, never do anything they may dislike, etc. This is not love as it is portrayed in the Bible.

Love in the Bible, as Bruce Malina notes in “The Handbook of Biblical Social Values”, is best understood as attachment or supreme commitment to a person. Hate is the opposite, therefore disattachment. God’s love is love for the greater good, meaning He is committed towards the greater good despite the fact that it may mean some hardships for us in this life. A good analogy is that God loves us so much that He’ll bust our nose if it gets us out of the way of a moving train. Tough, but effective. [/i]

  • some random religious forum.

In other words, man up and stop being a pussy. You know many people I’ve heard bitch about how I have some attitude, or use a tone of voice they don’t like, or something? A lot. It’s seriously pathetic.

Your idea of a man is immature.

My responses involve thought, where I source ideas I have outside of individual posts.

You chime in with shitty one-liners. I can’t express how much I don’t care what your conception of a man is, because it’s probably indicative of your demonstrable inability to put some effort into anything.

It’d be easier for the two of you to just drop this one.

shitty three liners are so much better

Putting aside the fact that the 3 liner was referencing a legit, full sourced post, obviously a 3-liner is in actual fact 3 times better.

So basically I am 3 times better at thinking than you.

Warning, Fifth, One-Month Ban.

This would also be a Warning, except I am not going to Warn him twice for posts taking place in the same thread in my absence.

What a surprise - two people insult each other on ILP, but only the ‘conspiracy theorist’ gets moderated for it…

why put it in quotes like he isn’t one?

Taken literally everyone is a conspiracy theorist, yet it is only some people who are called that and it is usually disparaging and usually by people who want to disbelieve in real conspiracies but cannot refute the evidence presented.