The reason to have children

The human body is the most sophisticated machine.It keeps working from birthing.Just as any other machine,it will getting old as time goes by,until at last it ceases working (dead) and be disposed as garbage ( be buried below ground or cremated by fire).

Bearing children is the life transferring out from the body while the bodymachine is still young and new,and by absorbing nutrients from the environment the transfered life begin to construct and form the new body (by the help of its perents).The new body is the updated version of the parents' bodies.Thus the life avoided getting old along with the body and finally being disposed as garbage.

Therefore,bearing and rearing one’s own children is actually to save one’s own life.This is why human beings (no exception for all living beings ) having children even at all costs.That is how life existed and evolved from beginning and will exist and evolve forever.

Having children is thus the best solution to make one’s body and life to be updated and continued.

The people having children are equal to having many bodies and those who has no children has only one body( his\her own) which is doomed of getting old and finaly cease to function(die).But for those who having children the life is not contain in only one body(his\her own) ,it contains in many bodies endlessly .Thus the life of those having children is immortal.That is the reasonable reason for one to have children.

As Woody Allen said:

“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work… I want to achieve it through not dying.”

it may be a reason as you present it…
but there are a lot of reasons for not having children…

I myself and I believe most people want to achieve immortality through not dying,otherwise there wouldn’t be so many doctors and hospitals on earth.Unfortunately upto now nobody can achieve that no matter how powerful he is. #-o

Yes, I agree.there are also a lot of reasons for one not to live…

Having children isn’t going to continue your body or your life. Your life and your body are going to end. Nothing can change that, having children included. Having children will continue your genotype, that’s all. Having children means spending huge chunks of your life getting up in the middle of the night to feed them and clean up their piss and shit while they scream at you. It means you have to spend huge amounts of your hard earned money on them. And what do you get in return? Tantrums in supermarkets, followed by a moody teenager who says he/she hates you and ‘didn’t ask to be born’, followed by a young adult who accumulates vast debt which he/she expects you to pay off. By the time they’ve stopped eating away at your time/ energy/ savings/ sanity you’re a demented old git shitting yourself in a nursing home and you can’t even remember their names. Which doesn’t matter because they never visit you anyway.

I don’t have any children and I’m damn sure I’m not having any because I want to live my life not spend it running around trying to please some ungrateful bastard kids. I don’t give a shit that my genotype wont get passed on. If you’re so fixated on passing on your precious genotype you can just become a sperm donor you don’t have to sacrifice your entire existence to the recipients. That’s just my view.

wow you say it right out there…that is a good quality…what do you have planned for your life…

I believe in reincarnation so I believe that I will return to this world after this body dies. That is why I am committed to trying to do everything I can to improve the world to maximise my chances of having a happy life after I am reincarnated. I am trying to do this by telling people about my ideology for how to improve the world. You can read about this on my ‘enter my world’ thread. Or my ‘Reality’ thread which is now in the ‘rants’ forum. I’m not going to have any kids though. There are plenty of other people doing that.

Make a machine is not easy,make a human body is much harder.Without god 's help it is immposible for any one to make a human body.

If you think your life is valuable,do not forget it is your parents selfless sacrifice of their hard work that bring yourself into being.Do not forget our ancestors are much harder than we now to bear and rear children,but they did.If they didn’t,If they were so clever as you that they didn’t want to spend their life ‘running around trying to please some ungrateful bastard kids’,
we all won’t be exist here to discuss anything.

We went to a family “do” this afternoon. My 38 yr. old niece and her husband were there, along with their 14 mo. old first child. My 32 yr. old niece and her husband were also there–they were the reasons for the party. He’s a Naval officer stationed on the East Coast and they can’t get out here very often. When they do, it’s Party Time!

What does that have to do with the OP?

My younger niece has had her tubes tied. She has lupus and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder II. Her husband would like a child; she’s afraid, but they’re thinking of adoption.

My older niece and her husband are thinking of a second child and are in the ‘talking about it’ stage. Their 14 mo. old daughter is walking now, can identify animals and the sounds animals make, knows not just her name, but other people’s names within the family. A lot of this has to do with my sister, Nana, Grandma, who takes care of her during the week–and reads to her.

I was talking with both families during the party.

We’d discovered early in our marriage that I wouldn’t be able to have children. I wanted a child–my husband was neutral. We chose adoption and, after two years, were blessed with a beautiful one month old baby girl.

Why do/did we want children?

I was talking with my older niece’s husband. He was such in awe of his daughter–not because he’d helped create her, but because of what she is–and he has his memories of her progression–but those moments are gone and they’ll never be repeated. That’s what I wanted. I knew I couldn’t be a part of evolution on a biological level, but I wanted to experience the awe and wonder of developing life.

My younger niece has chosen to not be a part of evolution because of her genetics. Her husband wants to be a part of cultural evolution.

Mainly, we all want to be a part of, rather than apart from, ongoing life. Is that selfish?

Thanks for your reply.I think having children is the only thing that combine selfish with selflessness.

Well. sex is pleasurable (making the baby) and the idea of shaping a life is appealing to some.

Everything combines that.

fufa–Selfishness isn’t always negative.