The Rule Book For Cats From Purrfessor Furnando.

[size=200]“It says here that in order to triangulate the stupidity of a dog you must first dress up as a non-cat, then when the dog is fooled by your disguise you take notes of their behavior - that or the dog is not stupid and you get eaten for undermining them.” ~ Purrfessor Furnando[/size]

Cats don’t care. We do. Picture a cat’s behind on a pedestal-- cat ass trophy. It should be given to cat haters. Why so many threads about cats? My cat could care less so long as he is fed and petted when he wants to be petted.

Well, I for one like cats. I have one. Your threads make me laugh when I see them. I’m not laughing at you though.
Thank you.

This is actually a very good wise lesson for internat users in chat or on facebook or anywhere.
The only difference would be that you might use the image of a catfish.

Picture is so cute.