The saddest thing in life

I saw a widow, who her friends are all gone, her husband gone, no kids, all alone in the world, … old, no more beauty, no religion,
only one thing she had, and that was beer…


Just don’t let that happen to you.

Me very responsable with your physical health, love yourself and accept yourself completely, find great friends and keep them close, etc.

Nobody can save the world, otherwise they would have saved it. You’ve got enough power to keep yourself alive and well, if you learn how to use it well. That’s basically it.

At least she has beer. :slight_smile: That’s better than having nothing. I agree seeing someone like her would elicite a feeling of sadness in me, and a little twinge that I was getting a foretaste of my own fate. I think there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be one of those old dudes sitting in the park, feeding the ducks and talking to my dog. #-o Luckily that state will only perist until I die.

There’s not an awful lot I fear in the world; loneliness perhaps is one of the few things.


Shoot for 20+ years and expotential technologies may cover the rest.

Loneliness is a form of knowledge, unfamous and hidden.

Thing is, Dan~, I’ve been trying to keep you out of my sig. Stuff like “Loneliness is a form of knowledge, unfamous and hidden” makes it tough. Thanks for posting that. It elicits a response that is at once emotional and intellectual. Neat trick.

I dunno. I think loneliness is forgetting who & what we are. Still sad to for me to think of those old folks at the end of their road, waiting alone for death to take them as it took all those they loved. We’re common in our suffering.

You get what you give. If you make your life only about yourself, you will end up alone. If you don’t, you won’t.

Actually, its been my experience that if you make life about someone else, you get used. If you make life about yourself, people start coming around

Actually once you give much, they ignored much later for you, if they are true chrisitians and true moral men they will not, and if you give much to your husband, once you lose him, you lose yourself, such as you give much to your kids, and wind up murdered, you lose half of yourself

I believe that there are far more sad things in life.

father nature, is there a mother nature?

Someday… I shall meet her.

I envy your life if that is the saddest thing you have had to deal with.