The saying LUCKY TO BE ALIVE is perverse

A man gets into a car crash or escapes a burning building, and when he survives, we say “he’s lucky to be alive.”

Given that life is suffering to a large extent, what is so lucky about it. That man returns to his horrible job, his nagging wife and his troublsome kids, but, hey, at least he gets to look at another sunset or sunrise one more time. Lucky him. The crash continues to exist in his tired brain, the burning continues to ravage his inner life. Wow, he hit the jackpot.

No. Lucky would be dying and existing in a better way than now, with no suffering. That would be luck.

Anybody see the lottery numbers? What are the chances of enjoying the moment in a permanant state of being?

as permanent as the moment


Well, there’s always the supposed bliss of total vacuity as attained through meditation.

eternally speaking i find this to be true, although my perception doesn’t always allow me to speak that way.

your perception? you perceive more than the moment?

expectations of the future are never perceived…


can i concieve of the future, rather than percieve it? Then it would only be difference of three little letters

by the way, a moment can last longer or shorter than our perception of what others call a moment. What is a moment, a second? or a nanosecond, a billionth of second, like a strobe light flicker.

Is this where relativity comes in? Heck its all one big moment, right? Snap your fingers, blink your eyes and we’re gone

Life is God’s greatest gift to us. We are always lucky to have it.

three little letters? no, the difference is more solipsist in nature


I was just kidding about the letters. I know its about not knowing. :slight_smile:

You’re making the assumption that death would be more preferrable to him than continuing life. This assumption is probably wrong considering the man hasn’t already killed himself.

It is irrational as no one has ever ‘returned’ from the ‘dead’ to offer a report.
Not knowing the alternative to (the illusion of) ‘life’ makes the saying that life is ‘superior’ to death in some way, meaningless, logically. Emotional and egoic ‘belief’ has much to say on the subject, but that is not rational/logical.

the point of the expression is that someone survived something that they probably shouldn’t have.

Are you refering to my post?
Are you stating the obvious?
Have I added a bit of ‘dimension’ to the ‘question’? I think so. Thanx anyway…
(If you were not refering to my post, then, never mind.)

i mean, its not making a comparison between life and death and saying they are lucky to be alive because its better than the alternative.

Saying that it’s “lucky to be alive” indeed juxtaposes ‘life’ and ‘death’. Perhaps not on the most immediate superficial level (“Hey! I just found a $20. bill! I’m lucky to be alive!” still implies that ‘life’ is ‘luckier’ than death.), but once any depth at all is reached in a critical analysis of the quote, life and death are truly in juxtaposition, and what you are denying is actually the case.
Depends on perspective, I guess…

Its like saying lucky to still look the beauty in this world while continuing to suffer.

You simply are worth more to people alive, so admire breathing.

We’re lucky to be alive because most people accept that they’d rather be alive, to experiencee life, than non-existence, despite whatever pain it has.

The number of possible genetic combinations that could exist instead of you, are massive, unthinkably large, life in the universe, also seems to be quite unlikely.

The point is statistically we’re lucky to be born, ,let alone survive some horrifying trauma like a building falling around our ears.

So in the statistically unlikely ‘lucky’ sense, like winning a lottery, they’re lucky.

Life is worth more than a lottery, right? when the odds are similiar, and you win the ‘lottery’ on life, well most people don’t want to die.

A lottery you were destined to win . . . in a universe where everyone/eveything has won.
A contest only you submitted the winning entry for . . .

We didn’t even buy the lottery ticket in the hopes of winning, the cash prize was awarded before any ticket buying.

I think we have to face something, we WANT to suffer here. However, even if we dont, things like beauty and guessing over the admittance that we dont know anything has value. Tales of what might happen after death are promoted for the fear based thing we call precious life. The more you fear, the more you hold dear.

Precious, haha, yeah, grab a shovel and start digging.

I might not rush to death, but i think i’m more curious about it, than fear it. One thing is for certain, i will let it happen. Then after I’m dead, I might write a compare and contrast essay on it.