The Secret to Being a Quiet Hedonist

Quietism is the eastern ethical philosophy that advises one to accept and succumb to adversity; Hedonism can be a looked at as a way of escaping it.

Free yourself from obligation. Sell your commitments. Plan to be nowhere but the one place you want to be. Let them pass. Aim high, but stay low. Attract silence. Move only when you want something worth moving for. If you dont know the difference, dont move.

This is the secret to being a quiet hedonist. It can be done without doing. Let your present life fall away from you. And you can have the time.

Anyone who tells you time is money, will also tell you life is short. Tell yourelf the opposite and it can be true for you. This is the secret of the quiet hedonist.

be the water that erodes the rock. Let my words become yours only to expand upon. Know that I’ve shared what is no longer a secret.

Stimulation-forms may or may not serve as a distraction/‘escape’.

In other words: make your own existence easier.
Sounds like a fine plan.



Hedonists view pleasure as being the highest goal in life.

Pleasure is a stimulation-form?

Peace is not a stimulation-form, it is a form of harmony.

Time is time.
Money is money.

Okay. Thanks anyways. I don’t think any of us have to erode any rock. Inner strength is different then external strength. Success within can be done appart from success without. If you know what I mean…

dan quote “Peace is not a stimulation-form, it is a form of harmony.”

harmony is the stimulation of everything acting in accordance, correct?