The Selfish Pursuit of Morality And Religion.

You’re familiar with concepts like reconciliation and harmony?

In a way…yes

Please continue.

You need to link a martyr complex to the normal everyday, religious person or person seeking to be moraly just.

Which he can’t.

Religion is the normal byproduct of being hardwired to respond economically to fragmentary information. Thats it.

Perhaps its slightly more complicated than a matter of being ‘hard-wired’ to respond, whatever such a thing might mean?

Setting aside the qbit and the whole fuzzy notion of quantum computing, all that has been ‘hard-wired’ hitherto has been governed by endless sequences of 1’s and 0’s, binaries and absolutes… do you suppose that humans, at bottom, are no different?

Perhaps you have a different understanding of hard-wiring?

meaning born with adaptations in the brain, which can be compared to small circuits or computer programs, and meant to produce functional and economic results.

hard-wired, as in, part of the circuitry, which we’re born with, to produce functional results economically to the environment.

As in, we’re hardwired, born with meat circuits to detect facial patterns or cry for milk.

as in, when I see a shadow at night in the woods and think its a dog, when the shadow looked nothing like a dog. My brain takes fragmentary information (outside of my control) and reconstructs (out of that fragmentary info) somthing that looks like it could eat me.

On a second or third look, it might still look like a dog. but my point is, the shadow looks enough like a dog, and for long enough (even if its gone on second glance) that i’m prepared mentally, to face an attack from a dog from the woods.

the fact that it was a shadow doesn’t matter, the fact that i wasted time/energy thinking somthing was there when it wasn’t doesn’t matter. All that matters is that 1 out of one hundred thousand times in the past, during our ancestors time, it must have been somthing *worthwhile to look at.

We respond economically to fragmentary information, because if that fragmentary information is correct, even 1 out of one hundred thousand times, it will be a lever for evolution to work on, it would mean survival instead of death.

so when I say the brain is hardwired to see/hear things out of fragmentary information, thats what I mean. voices in the wind, things in the shadows, etc.

religion is a lot more complicated than that but thats the jist of it. also has a lot to do with innate expectations about how the world works, and which specific ways certain things violate those categories.

I honestly don’t really know enough about the subject to say if how neurons compute information is comparable to 1s and 0s. My education on the physics of neuronal computing has a way to go, but so does the actual science of it.

Heres what I do know:

That neurons engage in types of computation, that even individual neurons engage in impressive computation. We can make neurons work for us *like circuits, like when we make robots who run off of small clusters of rat neurons or whatever. (though even if thats not the case, they still compute)

I know that neurons compute, at individual levels. That when these neurons engage in computation in certain types of arrangements or ‘circuits’ they produce functionally relevant behavior.

When some of these circuits get damaged, behavior associated with them malfunctions.

Its the same as in I can call the brain a computer as a defiition of the word computer and not an analogy to the word computer. When I talked about circuits i’m talking about circuits, not a analogy to them.

The brain computes in a different way obviously. But I don’t mean analogy to compute, but compute itself.

Large areas of cognitive scientific research support this definition/term/use of the word. I’m surprized why so many people ask me what i mean when i say compute, circuit, hardwire or otherwise.

My computer is hardwired by someone to engage in a specific task or have the ability to engage in a specific task. It has machinery to make it work in a specific way.

This is exactly true of the brain, when we’re born we have machinery of staggering complexity to engage/perform specific tasks. Facial recognition, probably things like urge to eat/drink, etc.