The Sheperds Moral compass

We have an existence that is unique and individual to us. Everyone has their own existence which no other human can comprehend because they have not experienced your life.

But you are a shepherd of your life. There will be people who will claim that you are just a servant, a lower caste, a lower class, a worker, a laborer, a junior, subservient to someone else.

The truth is that you are a shepherd, a master of your own existence, and this is your birth right.

Happiness and preservation are your birth rights

And your domain? How far does your field of sheep, your influence extend? Well, that depends on your life, but your domain, your kingdom is there. It is your existence. It is your children, your life, your wife, your husband, your habits, your hobbies, your mind, your home. These are the lands of your existence and you are master of these lands.

But if you are a sheperd, then what is your purpose as the shepherd? What is the purpose of your existence?

The shepherds will tell you what it is.

Your purpose is individual to you. Your purpose is anything you want it to be. You determine your purpose, because this is your field of sheep, your existence, and if there is a God, then that God has given you this domain to rule over, and if he gave you this domain, then he intended for you to create the purpose of that existence.

But the shepherds will give a suggestion for your purpose, and you may accept this or not and it is entirely up to you, but the shepherds will suggest that these three are the purposes of your existence……

To preserve your existence and the happiness of your existence
To increase your existence and the happiness of your existence
To become a perfect shepherd of your existence, since you are, after all, on this journey.

Perhaps you will never become the perfect shepherd in your life time, but you are, nevertheless, a sheperd

All morality, all ethics, are derived from these three purposes, in our opinion

morality, then, is any thought or action that preserves and increases your existence and the happiness of your existence, and your attainment of becoming the perfect shepherd.

do only that which is moral according to these three purposes, and do not do anything that negates these three purposes; that is what the shepherds teach. That is our philosophy and our religion.

The larger morality then is the social contract that all men and women in society enter into.

Any social contract is moral or immoral depending on whether it helps preserve your existence and the happiness of your existence, and your path to becoming the perfect shepherd, and if the social contract does not do this, as the Saudi social contract does not, then it is immoral.

The accumulation of wealth is moral because it helps increase the happiness of your existence and can help prevent the erosion of your existence.

social welfare programs are moral because the ones you love could possibly enter poverty.

the redistribution of wealth can be moral if it can, preserve the existence of anybody who could potentially one day be somebody you love, like your mother or your father or your children or spouse.

Arranged marriages are immoral or moral depending on whether the individual gains any happiness from that decision.

The guns and violence culture is immoral because if you are violent or own a weapon, then the social contract that states all are equal must require that all have the right to bear arms, or be violent. This is immoral because all men are not equal in intelligence or emotional maturity, and this can potentially result in the death of your loved ones, negating your own existence and its happiness.

Is homosexuality immoral? A person’s homosexuality has nothing to do with the preservation of your existence or its happiness, so it has nothing to do with morality.

Is the death sentence immoral? If it increase your personal happiness then it is not immoral to you, but it is immoral for society because someone you love could possible face the death sentence and this will decrease your own happiness.

Is war immoral? That depends on whether it preserves your existence

is government moral? It depends on the government. The truest democracies and republics, can help preserve your existence, increase the happiness of your existence, and can allow you to grow in your journey towards perfect masterhood. So a dictatorship would be immoral because it does not allow you as an individual to grow, and learn on your own, so you can become a master.

Education is one of the greatest morals, and by education I do not mean schools and colleges, but learning for learning allows the growth needed to be a perfect master

Is racism moral? Racism is immoral because it does not allow an individual to grow, or contribute to the larger society which can one day help your own preservation.

Is communism moral? It is immoral because it negates your will to become a master of your own domain

Is forgiveness moral? Yes, it is because when you forgive someone, they are given a second chance to contribute to society and thereby you. Everyone is a master on a journey from idiocy to perfect masterhood, and they who hurt will one day grow and learn as well

Is religion moral? Religion is immoral if it does not allow you to grow to become your own master. Only those religions that allow you to become a master of your self, that increases the happiness of your self, and which allow for the preservation of your self, can be moral, and any religion that does do these three things can be said to be a moral religion

Are cigarettes immoral? Of course, the production, distribution, and consumption of tobacco should be outlawed because they allow a few capitalist to make money off of the misery of you or someone you love

Is drinking immoral? drinking in moderation is not immoral since it allows for certain people, the increase of happiness, however, excessive drinking is immoral because it destroys people that you love and will decrease your happiness.

Should you fight for whats right? Unless you are personally attacked or are in danger, as in the case of the continued life of terrorist who can attack you even if you live in rural areas, you should not fight with your life at stake. You should protest so all are aware of your concerns, but not by sacrificing your life, because it negates the preservation of your existence

should you fight a dictator with your life? Yes, you should because the dictator has your existence in his hands and can easily negate your existence, or the existence of someone you love.

Is dancing and music moral. That depends on whether dancing and music make you happy

These are our teachings

Am we right?

We are right if I we’r right to your own personal experience, your preservation and happiness and growth.

All things can be moral or immoral, but they have to follow the three purposes.

We can tell if something is moral or not on whether they follow the three purposes of life.

That is our religion. Its our own philosophy. if you think this philosophy is any good, then pass it along. If not, then leave it alone because it harms no one

Nov, 2011

What if I decide that my purpose is to become Supreme Overlord of the World. I enslave everyone except my family and those I care about. It is moral as far as I am concerned. It seems to be okay within this philosophy.

It is okay in this philosophy to become supreme overlord if it can help yourself.

On the other hand, if it leads to your destruction as had happened to qaddafi, then it is detrimental.

the journey of life leads to wisdom that such things are not to your benefit, though it may seem to be so

your good is linked to the good of your society