The Sherrod fiasco … ?GT1=43001.
I’d like to say it’s unbelievable, but in today’s world, it is. The douchbag wingnut that “edited” out all context of her speech should be hung by his gonads - if he has any. After the firestorm, he even tried to lie his way out of it claiming he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but the NAACP. I hope someone has the guts to sue him and his wingnut organization into oblivion.

A new acronym: LPOC Lying Piece Of Crap. They should brand that on his forehead.

As for the over-reaction by the administration, shame on them. They ought to know the ultra-right tactics by now. There isn’t enough toilet paper in the world to clean up the ultra-right “message”. Fucking idiots.

I agree with your sentiments. It was a hasty decision that deserved, at least some, consideration before action was taken. The media, through there own racist sentiments, has made race an issue when it addresses the administration, and I think that the haste with which they made the decision to fire Sherrod was a symptom of the pressure that this stance of the media has created.

I say this, because race was never an issue or a perspective from where non-related issues were analysed, for the popular media, during any of the previous administrations.

Why were msnbc using this issue as a tie-in to ‘‘how this administration deals with race issues’’.
They dealt with a potentially damaging situation hastily. The fact that it was a race issue has nothing to do with it. If the video had have been about corruption, they would have done the same thing.

The election of a black man to the highest office of power in the U.S has not done much to overcome the issue of racism, it has just brought racism, that had become more subtle over time, clear in to the light.

Just caught this: … ?tag=strip

Oh please! Find a junkyard dog lawyer and take this jerk out!

Definately. Need to nip that sort of tactic, and that sort of asshole, in the bud. … breitbart/

She’s going after him. Good. I hope when she’s done, he has to use a ladder to climb up to the bottom.