The Slow Return of the Cynics

Well… it’s happening little by little, but the modern world is getting the ancient world’s best and perhaps one on of the most influential philosophies back into circulation.

The guy in the BBC Video is more extreme than me- I wouldn’t touch trashcan food or most charity, but it’s not unknown. Forum Member Walker was evolving in part towards the direction of a Cynic (though it’s unspeakable for a Cynic to be that shitheaded in regards to a child- it’s not a universal movement, never was, and would only punish and threaten the health of the young needlessly).

Throughout history, it’s been a spontaneous philosophy, emerging many times around the globe independently- but ever since ancient india, then via Diogenes into the west, we’ve always have had a unbroken succession, as many Cynics became Monastics and continue to this day in their preservation of traditions and ways of living. We’re pretty much a cornerstone to most religions to this day… so there’s really nothing new to preach about. It’s all rather obvious, but still not easy to pursue. But we are making the comeback… be it thinkers doing it for a few weeks, months, or years, or life long pursuit.

The Zeitgeist Movement advocates the removal the the Monetary system and proposes to replace it with a Resource based economy.

Money is a product of scarcity. It’s purpose was to efficiently distribute resources. We don’t pay for air because it isn’t scarce. We don’t pay for sunlight, because it isn’t scarce.

Today, in the 21st century, money holds us back. We have created technology that provides an abundance of all the things we previously had to slave for. Robots are slaves. An ATM steals jobs.

The only way for people to survive in the Monetary system, is if they can sell their ‘services’. When a robot comes into the equation, the model is fucked. A robot can do a better job than a human in every way. Does this mean we should get rid of robots? No. It means we should get rid of Money, and embrace the power of technology.

-points at signature- Do yourself a favour!

Robots are pretty fucking incompetent. Only on assembly lines are they of much use. At that point, we come up to a awful situation that man’s been endaged in for the last 10,000 years with domesticated animals… beasts of burden who can think… they haven’t produced a monetary free society yet… I know of self sufficient chicken farms- self sufficient to the degree of producing their own food for the chicken and get chickens and chicken eggs in return… they can go decades without money in a sense… but need it for other things, like roofs, chicken wire, weed wackers, hatchets, cartons for the eggs, feed the dog, etc.

I am afraid economics continue on, and robots won’t signal the end of the economy. I know many people here on this forum can’t think past them… it’s the seeming end of history. Same for the hunter gathers who thought perhaps cultivating goat and swine would be the end of humanity, and we would never move from one plot of land, and be stuck there, ever smaller and more content, for all eternity, or till we died off.

Guess what, economics still happened.

Cynics don’t deny the power or reality of money- it’s more real for us than for scrooge… it’s that we don’t desire to become a scrooge dependent on a foreign lure outside of our nature. It’s a pure psychological phenomena- money is the most real thing in our existence… look at a dollar bill of any nation’s currency- it’s cognitively interwined with countless presumptions and acceptance of our cognition. From the exacting barcode to the social and ethnic idol on it’s cover, symbolism and heraldry signs abound… it’s everything we need to THINK OF OTHER THINGS in a continuous fashion.

It’s the losers who can’t keep money- who can’t think in a continuous fashion from A to Z without failing to see how they can get to Z without more money, who hate money the most. They come up with every scheme known on how to get around it… but only make it reappear in other, less appealing ways- ration coupons, dictators who will tell you where to go, what to buy, and where and how to live, long lines and lotteries, or the outright mass destruction of the lures that money makes possible.

Cynicism isn’t a philosophy for the masses, it’s always been for the few and serious. It’s a philosophy in a lifestyle, and it quickly weeds out the pretenders (hard to pretend to live in a ditch and pretending everything is okay without actually living in a ditch and after a while coming to the conclusion if your staying put everything is okay- at least enough to stay put in said ditch)- money is most natural, it’s a artificial construct expressing a means to our desires. It sits in the voids of our minds, and emphasizes the possibilities. It streamlines our thinking process.

I Cynic… not too impressed by it. Yes, I know it to be the most real thing a person can know outside of a new child, but after a while that child separates from you and becomes more distant. Money doesn’t separate itself like that in our mentality. It remains current.

I’m not stupid enough to go up against money, to do so is to go up against the most noble expression of man, the mirror into his recess unconscious, that sheds light on how our mechanics work. I challenge man consciously, and say ‘what of this, or that’. ‘Is what your doing correct? Are you suppressing stages or impulses, and if so, why?’ ‘Is it worthwhile, is it the good you seek’. A Cynic streamlines what is knowable, and highlights by that method what is little known but all controlling.

I would rather men completely comprehend money than to do away with it in ignorant misunderstanding of it. It is better and wiser. Money can be the best teacher of philosophy we have, better than any wise man or seasoned professor, any polished book on any subject. It’s friction teaches lessons like no other.