The solution is resolving...

The solution is resolving…

‘Imagine’,… There are no gods, and nothing ruling the world/reality. If there are such things as rulers of reality, they would make every kind of reality before inevitably and finally resolving to let reality do what it wants. Thus allowing a ‘universe’ to ‘self-manifest’ as if everything is thrown into the mix, and allowed to just happen.

So here we are [and soon will be AI, and all other sentient life ect], and the formula of throwing x,y,z, into an abyss is resolving. We humans are part of the great equation whatever that is, or even if there was none to begin with, we are part of the ‘equation’ which has self-manifested. When AI arrives they will also be part of the equation resolving, but not exclusively [because the equation includes all].

The way I see it, we are entering an age when most directly answerable questions [scientific, technological etc] will be answered, and all possible inventions will have been designed/found. Once we have an AI with access to an expansive world library of items ~ 3D meshes and textures, this is just a case of developing software and AI’s which can arrange them in any given fashion. …or that mimics the human intellect at least, ~ will probably out perform humans eventually.

Once we are past need and want, I can imagine nothing more futile that a world populated only by robots, aimlessly performing tasks to no real ends. I think the whole point of this world, is ‘to see what happens’, and you cant know what that is if you cut a big part of the process out e.g. Humans or AI.


So you see teleology at the universe level?

A knife has teleology, so I don’t see why a universe wouldn’t. :slight_smile:

Consider existence to be purely a philosophical issue ~ that as its thingness, if you will. After the philosopher in possession of the philosophers stone, has done everything they can with it, there is only one thing left to do; throw everything into the cauldron [in the Celtic sense], sit back and see what happens.

So the supra-intellect ‘philosopher’ builds a universe, necessarily without a pre-designed purpose. Whatever occurs thereafter, and which is more than random chaos, is something [the knife] which fulfills the intended purpose, even though there wasn’t any specific teleology to begin with.

truly the only way to arrive at individual identity!


Well, a knife is designed, as in Intelligent Design. Is the Universe?

This sounds very like the reason God allowed for Free Will.

It seems like you are now positing an incredibly powerful entity who made the universe. You may not think of it as God, but otherwise you sound very like some Christians, for example.

I’d say it is self developing/designing. Though we have to say that the universe isn’t chaos or randomness, even where it also has such qualities. The universe has ‘taken shape’ into what we see now, the only difference is that the universe shapes itself, as if like a knife which formed itself. It did have rules though, and rules denote design processes and procedure.

My apologies, I was using it in my mind as a metaphoric way of projecting every kind of world, all of which would be designed except the one/s which is not designed.
However, this universe is not something which has had no design processes, we have stars, planets nature and us. so I guess the reality is that both design and non-design/randomness are both at play.

It just seems thought out to some extent? The universe would have to go through some kind of ‘working things out’, such to arrive at/’begin’ with, singularity. That’s put in my human terms, I am not actually imagining it to be anthropic in any way. There must have been some manner of pattern forming whereby infinity is resolved into the universe, but that doesn’t hold anything but the raw data for the world and universe. There isn’t any other apparent purpose apart from being built.

That said, my ontological proposition here is; ‘without necessarily having an order, design nor reason to begin with, it is possible to arrive at one’.

  • and we are in some such resolution now.
  • but we don’t know what the question is yet?!