The state of philosophy today

What do you think of this summary of our philosophic situation?..

The ancient philosophers had a good head on their shoulders. Their ideas were sensible and practical, but their limited knowledge of the physical universe was hopelessly uninformed and often disastrously affected their conclusions to the point of being irrelevant today. However, the modern philosophers have a more accurate conception of the physical universe, but their thought processes are so convoluted as to nearly qualify as insanity. Nonetheless, one finds that by applying the clear-headed methods and pragmatism of the ancient philosophers to our more accurate model of physics, one can arrive at some useful and relevant philosophy.

The word ‘philosophy’ means “love of wisdom”. Wisdom is the understanding of that which is always true, the timeless. Knowledge is not the springboard to understanding and understanding is not explanation. Only watchfullness, immediate perception, brings the understanding that is truth.

The word ‘philosophy’ means “love of wisdom”.

Just to add on it is the “love of our friend wisdom” I come from the word philosphia Philia-the love love of a friend and sophia is wisdom.
I only state this because Greeks had other words for love like eros, sunerao, and agape.

Short and good.

The answer of the question " can philosophy be useful?" is also not clear.
For me it changes, sometimes useful sometimes not. Our knowledge is also limited now and probably going to be limited in the future too.So, we will be relevant only in our time or simply be irrelavent.
Useless or useful, just ask and think.

comb. form meaning “friendship, fondness,” from Gk. philia “affection,” from philos “loving.”

fem. proper name, from Gk. sophia “wisdom,” from sophos “wise.”

Ipso fact: the love of truth.

But it seems to me that knowledge, while not sufficient for wisdom, is nonetheless necessary.

Thus, the inclusion of the study of nature as a subset of philosophy. In order to be relevant or applicable, our philosophy must spring forth from a foundation that is built by our understanding of our environment/universe, as best as we are able to determine it at present.

At the very least, it must be compatible with that understanding, and flexible enough to adapt as our knowledge grows.

The state of philosophy today?

Let’s look at some examples.

The philosophy of mind is a exciting and dynamic field, being inspired with new research in AI and neuroscience.

Also, the search for solutions to some of the puzzles in quantum mechanics has proven to be fertile ground for philosophical investigations.

In terms of religion and politics, we still have many areas of negotiation where philosophical analyses are being developed and explored.

So, I’d say philosophy is alive and kicking.

Philo sophia philo sophia…

Philosophy grows with our knowledge, it’s the study of knowledge, the inquiry into knowing.

Knowledge is the result of experience. Truth is not a result.

I agree, that’s why we have metaphysics right? That’s why I said philosophy being the knower of the known.

There is so much to know today that even philosophy must sometimes be a group activity. Imagine a philosopher talking about the nature of the universe without consulting physicists.

And yet, in some ways I agree with Kierkegaard:
There is another view of life which conceives that wherever there is a crowd there is untruth, so that (to consider for a moment the extreme case), even if every individual, each for himself in private, were to be in possession of the truth, yet in case they were all to get together in a crowd – a crowd to which any sort of decisive significance is attributed, a voting, noisy, audible crowd – untruth would at once be in evidence. from The First Existentialist, Part 4

You didn’t say that. You said “study of knowledge”. There’s a vast difference between the study of knowledge and the study of the studier, even though the second reveals that the content and the container are the same. The first is in ignorance of the creation of knowledge, called the ‘knower’.

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If you don’t understand, just say so. It’s not a word game. It’s about the closest of all perceptions.

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What…saying that “if you don’t understand, just say so”, when you call something that you clearly don’t understand, a word game? Attack assertions, not asserters … and stay cool. The ad hom game is easy to play. If you don’t understand what ‘ad-hominem’ is, then consult a ‘logical fallacies’ index.

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