The story of Violet

Hard ward.
The tale of 3 turtles.

It was a nice day sun out California sun and after some time sat out with one remaining turtle. Turtle island kind of day.

The earliest known turtle fossils are from the Triassic Period, about 220 million years ago. Anatomically, they are nearly identical to modern turtles., according to ADW. Sea turtles have been around for 120 million years, according to a recent analysis.Oct 2, 2015

Have not. been out for a few months at least and concerning that really could have gone hard ward, just eyeblink removed, stared at her call her baby, one of 3 survived from babyhood since that day in Chinatown.

Wanna make it like real simple cause I brought baby out into the sunshine to bask for she’s been under the weather lately, literally under uninterrupted radiation under the infrared unremmittance. The turtle psychologist says one day, not good, for they may get confused temporally or temporarily whatever comes first, so i took her out that sunny day today to cut away from the flow of psychiatric idiom.

To put it bluntly, I scurriged her flawless eyes fixed on me , and determined her singularity in this cut away sequence to be sugnificant, for she may have thought if me as her deliverer, since her being depends on me. The last time , insulted and hurt we were when we still had the 3 babies, crossing from Seattle to Vancouver and could nit find a motel for the little money we had left, and UT was in the week hours and figured to skeeo in the car bug mistake, but it turned out ok. Vancouver cops asked what’s with the turtles and they joked about turtle soup and the last time we tried that was the first time was in old Alladun hotel, befire it’s fircloseture, & it was nothing much but before the 3 babies.

So sheepishly said they are pets. I don’ t remember the outcome but the were meant to survive.

Then their history was enriched or otherwise by the later post Canadian journey, and briefly put, one ventured too far, never to be seen again, from a too low a make shift plastic container, the other the only littltle male among the 2 females, well story is sad, for the little male was cute as can be, and was the first to eagerly stretch it’s neck from to welcome some delicious treats, unafraid and friendly like to make friends with a literal father-host, which I suppose he took me fir.

The problem with such presumptuous boundery meltdown was not effected by a human relations, but the 2 sisters became enraged as sexual selection became an issue among them

Next day, dear reader, if there may be any among you, the bleeding little men was discovered in the bottom of the pool with his little penis but off, out of sheer jeolousy.

I might as well named the remaining 3rd Violetta, contrary to dramatic airs which heralded such bravura, well before the now famous Babbitt case among more advanced speciae.

I may be on to something with the idea that my listness which I accept, forever, ( kerouac); may be somewhat relived by some combination of chance, priority, and the meaning of ‘semblance’.

"Infinite turtles is no problem’

According to Professor of Philosophy Joel Richeimer, the phrase “turtles all the way down” stems from a story about the British philosopher Bertrand Russell. After giving a lecture on astronomy, Russell was refuted by a woman in the audience, who claimed that the earth was situated not in space, but on the back of a large turtle. When Russell asked what the turtle was standing on, the woman replied that it was “turtles all the way down.”

The apocryphal story has been told in many versions, and while the hypothesis may seem absurd, it gets to the heart of an important philosophical question. “All knowledge has to have a foundation. Something has to be at the bottom,” Richeimer said. “So if you believe in modern physics, you say what’s at the bottom is atoms. That explains everything. Or if you’re a religious person, you might say it’s God.”

But what are atoms made of? Or who created God? “The question is, does it really satisfy us, having a foundation,” Richeimer said. “And her response is not a bad one. Her response is, well, it’s turtles all the way down. Why does there have to be an ultimate turtle? A single turtle is a problem. Infinite turtles is no problem.”

‘Surprises at infinity’

Green, who majored in religious studies at Kenyon, has not shied away from exploring similar issues in his past works, which often find their teenage protagonists waxing philosophical over the meaning of life and the nature of the infinite. Many similar questions are raised in the course “Surprises at Infinity,” offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Professor of Mathematics Carol Schumacher P ’13’14, who has read many of Green’s books alongside her children, developed the course two decades ago.

“There are these phenomenally interesting ideas about the infinite that most people who are studying math never see at all,” Schumacher said. The class, taken by many non-major students, makes these concepts more accessible. “One of the great things about teaching that class is that you’re sort of wrestling with these ideas that intellectually lots of people have wrestled with over time,” Schumacher added. “The Greeks really didn’t like the concept of infinity … they were really afraid of embracing this idea of the infinite.”

The 16-year-old narrator of Green’s novel, “The Fault In Our Stars,” also wrestles with the concept that some infinities are bigger than others, arguing that the infinite set of decimals (.1, .12, .112, etc.) between 0 and 2 is larger than the set between 0 and 1. Schumacher explains that this is actually incorrect: any infinite set of rational numbers is the same size. However, once irrational numbers, such as the square root of two, are considered, it is true that not all infinities are the same size.

Green’s works often are concerned with the idea of finding truth, even when that truth may come with doubt. But mathematics tells us that this is OK. “The ‘Surprises at Infinity’ course can talk about the distinction between something which is true and something which is provable, which mathematically are not the same thing,” Schumacher said. “It turns out that this idea of thinking about infinity in a mathematical way has a lot of really interesting consequences"

Warned you this was to become a hybred between Arabian nights and salome’s dance.

An Object,is an object is the object.

What h a p p e n e d to baby?

So. as it goes she comes from a triplet of 3.

Now they are illegal but theh still sell’em.

What happened to the 3 babies is the following

After the little makes penis was bitten off caused by sheer jeolousy or just call it make chauvinism, and that’s putting it mildly.

Then violetta say suddenly, hey. This Is Not that is…( what else is there the usual self learned would/ could interject)

… So as he was saying( she intently pretend to listen) from the 3 remained one.

Now he says solemnily," you’re just patterning this from buddenbrooks that’it !

" no, no… He left to texarcana, not looking back in his rearview mirror. The thre were merely ind mice, h a…your such a little what? What is a man called, who cannot go poo poo? Think!

Ok, and don’t look in google, either


Now he promises not to post anything anywhere until he either- can think got it:

Great, he was going to say or, until you can go #2.

Now I must go on frantically, manically. Time passes with a strange glow of inordinate clicking.

So, the 3, blind mice, as do the monkeys harald-no, herald( wish the named me other then bela, bill, ( like the one coming in the male) , bill, william, orbie&meno, but the 3 monkeys do when the see no evil- but might spill it over some white alluring picket.

Pick it, but not quite at it.

Down the line and by force of obsessive habit I cant still nor I want to stop

I dont want to stop but I want to: that’s reductively, not seductivally crazy.

The 3 monkeys plus 3 unicorns >>>>> see where that goes:

How. long before some god damned horizon.

Ok but it is almost an infinite amount of ear out there, besides…


Oh, nothing.

And he converts it to purely mechanics. The human part is missing but what’s that part? The inhuman part?

Well. everythingunnegational can be …now takes break< 5 minutes to recall the word within the present context= here and now ( all about violet)

Man U begin to sound…

Anyway the break to search fir the word a minute please…

Well im back, how long did it take for me to remember two words. 1 is word and # 2 i could not fine but it’s being used somewhere in the domains of lip’s archaic reservoirs of remembrence of a far out past.

The other words.

Not too much nerd to be said of them . Those words are really two in one.

Course the third one is of no consideration n u now right?

( not u had a faking file & some sets AMD six other characters searching for what the heck, Jesus Christ might is that lost turtle og an idiot amnesiac doeing deluding to a stein, e in stein auf Deutsche.

A stein. Is a stein is a stein , or 1 stein, or e in stein, einstein

2 prove. That’s heavy. Course how the 3 add up of 1 all bi hisself, and how the other two can unite and become 1 hiwdidoodie dad how does that figufe?

Hesse? Damien of ciurse, but than Damien was not the crazzeee billie, who smashed into a tree drunkin’ burgeon? Why daddy, daddy, he says, it really happened.