The Targeted Outcast

I am beginning to notice the absolute persecution of majority on minorities or those who are different. There is a combination of fear and loathing I think by the majority.

In this era much like it has always been if you think differently from the majority that might threaten their world view, pleasure, or security you will be violently persecuted for your beliefs.

I am starting more and more as seeing this as a eternal emblem of human nature.

Newer emergences of differences is always met with violent forcible persecution.

Herds, shepherds, wolves, bears… Nothing new here.

Sure, but in the white sheep herd as soon as they come across a single black sheep they become vicious animals. :wink: There is my grand analogy.

Difference is never tolerated in a society of uniformity or conformity.

It is persecuted.

Nietzsche once wrote that one of the worst things christianity has done is teach people to hate what is different and love only what is the same.

Back when he said it, it wasn’t redundant.

The same in what way?

Attitude, outlook, thought, action, point of view, values, ideas, dress, physichal build, affiliation…

I could go on, but you probably understand me now with just those.

Sounds about right.