the theory of everything

Imagine. Space and time are a side effect of matter,… when by all logic they should be constants, they are controled by the variables of matter. This shows that the cause and effect of space and time is in some action of matter. IE the creation of matter. Now science is showing that black holes will stop feeding,… and it would take more mass for the black hole to be able to reach the rest of the galaxy. This shows that the universe has a definate beginning,… but no definate ending. It’s like perpetual motion of entire galaxies getting in sync with centrifugal and centrifical force. So my theory is that there is an endless energy supply if we learn how to tap into the dirrect cause and effects from centrifugal force.

As for energy,… it can all be traced back to the four elements. Protons/neutrons/electrons/nutrenos… They are idealogical opposites that are naturally attracted to each other, but can not combine. I am saying that besides centrifugal force and momentum,… all energy can be traced back to these basic elements. And no more then these. For there are two types of energy, stored energy and energy that is the equaling of opposites. When matter is supper charged, it radiates out according to the physical perpendicual resistance. IE the gravatasional field causes heat and pressure that is trying to escape, witch causes convection in the core. The flow of electrons resisted by two forces causes the two side effects of electromagnetics. How is this done??? electrons natural force is to spread evenly according to the medium they are attracted to. How can they spread evenly when they are constantly being moved about by pressure differeances/convection. All energy as we see it can be traced back to the source, witch if combined on a subatomic level would equal out to nothing. So everything equals nothing.

Witch supports the Biblical theory that God created the universe. And that God is omni-present because God exsists outside of space and time.

Really people. The mere idea of the soul is proof enough of the soul.

the soul is an energy independent of matter, but causes side effects in matter according to perpendicular resistance of the different chemical energy signatures of each brain section. The soul is an energy and force that gives us desires beyond bodily funtions according to our bodies as oraganic robots.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,
and self-control; all fruits of the spirit.

…Witch preceeds, Right brain/left brain dominate mindsets. Then how estrogine/testosterone changes brain sections. Then audio memory, or visual memory, or the type of memory that makes people lawyers.

…Witch gives us the spirit reflected through matter and perpetuated in a 3D enviorment as; what we do to get attention/ acceptance, motivation, content verses greedy, able to deal with stress at stride… If you want to know psychology,… people have to be able love someone before they can understand them (witch is apart of goodness). Liberalism says love the freedom of tolerance. Notice the core difference? Do you see how that can play out differently? You can’t really have one fruit of the spirit untill you have the fruit of the spirit from before it. So the problems with our youth’s demeanor and drug addiction lies in Love and Joy. They see TV examples of how to get these, instead of real life examples.

Witch is why I say the most basic thruth there is, is, “All you are is what you do in life, everything else is just circumstancual.” For if you are spiritually content, then you can take all worldly things at stride. If you love worldly things as your way to joy and peace,… then these will become control factors as we prioretize them out of the context and nature they are intended for. If you do evil and selfcentered things then you are an evil selfcentered person. But these people will only hang out with those who endorce that, and invent philosophies to conect their logic together.

Calousness and self-centerness is the source of all evil. For these are the opposite of love. Pride is self-centerness and why people are unable to admit they are wrong. Motivations to happiness are the second reason people are unable to admit they are wrong. If evil lets them release some endorphines, then they are happy and too pridefull to admit the negative side of evil. You can only get out of life what you put into it. They just expect government to do all the things they are unwilling to do themselves.

The Holy Spirit and just being in God’s presance will give you spiritual healing toward the stresses we become caloused to. Yet, as we travel down old thought patterens, we bring back the feelings that allowed us to react emotionally instead of overcomming the problem. Thus old thought patterens undo the residual effect of the Holy Spirit. So we need to read the bible to find new ways of thinking out problems. For if you demand honesty and goodness in every aspect of life long enough, you will achieve it.

Jesus changed religion, and brought us the Holy Spirit, like God could only do. Jesus said that, “the Kingdom of Heaven is that of a child.” For the Holy Spirit heals the soul into something simular of the innocents and purity of a new soul.

Alright Phil. Let me ask you this.

If I say “Phil, you believe in amusment parks, right, because you’ve been to Disney Land,” and then I ask “what is Bush Gardens like,” and you say “well, its pretty cool, they have roller-coasters and cotton-candy and italian sausage that would make Bessy roll over, etc., etc.”, it is because you have some idea of what such a thing would be like, that is, what amusments parks are like, which is what Bush Gardens is.

Now I’m going to ask you what a “soul” is like, or better, what it is like to be immortal…the actual act of being immortal. Here, you have nothing to reference to get a feel for the question; you haven’t any aquaintance with what it is I’m asking you about. Your best answer would be something that directly reflected what it was like to be “mortal,” which is to say, whatever it is you said was a quality of immortality would have to be a quality of mortality, or anything that could come as a thought to a mortal.

So, I’m gonna ask you. What is it like to be immortal. Do you float through space? Do you sit around? Do you live another life where you argue with people like me who say we are mortal? How could you know?

Do you go to heaven? Is everything gold up there? Of course it is, because anything you’ve ever seen as an image of heaven has been brightly colored, often in gold. So it is like Bush Gardens and immortality; what do you have to compare with?

The Eternal Recurrence is peculiar in that respect; we are actually dead waiting to be born, waiting to argue again about our immortality.

I hope you’re watching Bob. I just gave you immortality without God. Now what are you gonna do?

Your question -

The answer -



Please see Fritz for a comprehensive analysis of pious, slavish moral development. Such words can only be spoken by someone who first despises the body; this is the result of suffering that is neither justified or tolerated. It is no more complicated than that.

The rise of passive stoicism in all its rational, platonic forms has its origins in suffering. All religion first tries to justify that which it finds should be justified, what ordinarily would have no such need, as far as suffering must be endured. Religion is not a philosophy…it is a psychology of the vengeful and the suspicious.

Au contraire mon ami!

The sermon on the mount is of the very highest order of philosophy.

All the wisest throughout history have arrived at the doors of understanding and passing through them seen the same sight.



What does the Russion genius Tolstoy say about religion I wonder?

Christianity, far from being a mixture of the lofty and the low, or a superstition, is a very strict, pure, and complete metaphysical and ethical doctrine, higher than which the reason of man has not yet reached, and in the orbit of which (without recognizing the fact) human activity-political, learned, poetic, and philosophic-is moving.



Sorry Wise, I don’t buy it.

I get my religion from Kierkegaard.

If you ever want a chore, flip through The Concept of Irony and feel the goose-bumps rise on your neck.


Do you read K. in the original Danish or in translation?

I looked into him once but he is mostly incomprehensible!

(Either that or I’m stupid!)

Now Sartre is a real existentialist, I can read Nausea; or, Camus, his words are intelligible!

Jesus, I’d sooner try and make sense of Joyce’s Ulysses than K!



Kierkegaard’s main complaint was that authority (apostolic) had been reduced to an aesthetic. A most irascible creature. He spoke of apostolic authority being betrayed (by us) as the kiss of Judas betraying Jesus. Peter couldn’t possibly have meant what he said without the church interpreting it in such a way as to make us comfortable. He saw society being enervated and authority being leveled by the practice of upholding authority superficially, but tacitly dismissing it if it made us uncomfortable. Irony was his stock in trade.

This post is a perfect example of what he hated most. Someone saying this is what someone said…



Nevertheless, the fact remains, when I looked into K., (many moons ago,) I found him unreadable.

Maybe, the translation I read–from Danish into English–was not a very good one.




If you can read and comprehend even half of the gibberish in ILP, you’re more than capable of Kierkegaard… :laughing: Give it another try. I liked Kierkegaard. I disagreed with about half of everything he wrote, but I liked the way he wrote.


Recommend something to me!

I can’t find any K. etexts!

I’ve just been reading about irony, what it is, etc., and there’s a damn sight more to it than I knew! In fact it is a word rich in meaning.

I always felt Socrates was an old piss-taker!

I know lawyers look to him as the original, “leading questions,” man.

No comment concerning the “gibberish!”




I just finished recommending a particular essay to another member. I couldn’t find text, but Amazon has it as a used book for a few dollars. It is called “The Present Age”. I found it to be a pretty good distillation of his basic ideas, and if you can read that, you can read all of his major works with no problem. CAVEAT: Scholars still squabble about what he meant by what he said here and there, but you’ll gather in most of the necessary understanding. He was a fascinating writer. I’m not sure he was a fascinating philosopher…



I’ll get around to checking it out in due course.

(I seem to recall the stuff I found unreadable to be some sort of religious tracts. . .)



How do you define anything but by comparison…
Comparing us to animals helped me define the soul. My brother had just bought some imitation sharks that can grow up to a foot long. And gave them a school of tetras to keep them entertained. It reminded me of the raptors in jerasic park,… and how the scientist said the raptors kept testing the cage with cunningness. The sharks keep eyeing the school of fish and testing attacks at different angles. Then my brother said that the sharks will actually befriend a tetra after they eat the rest of the school of tetras,… because the last one to survive is the fastest.

Animals don’t have concious awarness beyond bodily functions. Does this mean that they don’t react to anything that isn’t like a section of the brain giving them pain because they are hungery? Well animals do have learned behavior. It’s just animals don’t have desires to be anything but an animal, that chases food and runs from predidtors, and releases adrenaline in playful acts. So the adrenaline that is created for the chase has the side effect of playful acts. In this all animal behavior can be summed up in this. They have no intelligence, but just impulsivly react to learned behavior in each section of the brain according to what section the thoughts are stored in.

Men are doers by nature. They live life in motion and react more impulsively. Women are nurtures by nature. But the right brain dominate people is where these border lines get errased. But this is just reacting to our souls reflected through each chemical energy section of the brain. Our soul is desires to be more then animals, to rise above the monatony of animal tasks. To fullfill desires that are perpetuated from the spiritual relm. The soul is desires and love and experiance. If your main source of joy is bodily functions, then you are over doing the bodily funtion and distorting your soul from this. It becomes a thing of prioreties.

As a ghost, you have nothing but memories to live in. Praying for the souls of the past should help them as God as a medium with no negative side effects. But when people have used psychics and or satanics to wake ghosts up to reality. They have created polterguists,… A hatred to the world they are trapped in. But as the dead, you have no sex, no drugs, no food. So what is the point of death??? Everything that is spiritual. So getting into heaven would mean a spiritual life untill God’s promice of a new heaven and new earth is fullfilled. One where there is no death or disease. Why do we have to wait? Because the shadow spirits have to be weeded out? I don’t know. But I do know the spiritual healing effects of the Holy Spirit allows people to be content and take worldly things at stride,… and also allows heaven to actually be a perfect place.

Do you sum up all religions as the same? Do you ever notice differenaces?

Do you know why Jesus handed out the healing effects of the Holy Spirit like water from a well? Or is that something you ignore.

In a land with pick and choose morals. In a land where self fullfillment and the ME generation. In a land where focus is only on desires that can be bought (for money is at the root of all evil. ie hookers, organized gambling, corperate maniplation). In this land, the only government that would be able to keep order would be the government of big brother or police state.

Fascinating … .

But, if God is omni-“everything”, then there is no place existent where God does not exist.

There is therefore no such thing as nothing.

Thus God cannot be “outside” … of anything.

So the Big Bang was just a super-duper nova.

And the steady state theory – the more mind-boggling and emotionally threatening of the two to the religious – remains the best presentation of everything.

Panentheism rules! :smiley:

Hmmm …

The mere idea that the world is flat is proof enough that the world is flat.

The mere idea that a cat is a dog is proof enough that a cat is a dog.

The mere idea that I can jump from the Empire State Building and fly is proof enough that I can jump from the Empire State Building and fly.

The mere idea that I am not schizophrenic … . :astonished:

The soul, Phil, is, in western 'man, the right cerebral-limbic hemisphere, where we feel. For those who think too much and thus feel too little (the overwhelming vast majority), their left cerebral-limbic hemisphere, the mind (the mind being where we think) experiences the soul as a “barely there” zephyr-like entity, and in the “religious”, the mind irrationally concludes that the soul is a “spirit” that will live on after death.

Obviously, such a mind … is in error.

God has given us every tangible etc. presentation that death … is forever.

Despite the reality of it, people still write things in “religious” text to say it isn’t so, as if God’s trying to trick us, hiding some “mystery” that if you become religious enough you’ll learn all about.

I’ve yet to experience any such “trickery” in God. Trickery in people, people in authority, sure … but not in God.