The Thinker Is Not The Content of Thoughts

Since we can agree or disagree with thoughts and distract ourselves with other thoughts in order to stop thinking thoughts we disagree with,

then/because the content of thoughts are not essential to who we are…

therefore forgetting/unlearning the content of thoughts is not really a loss…

especially if all legit learning is really a remembering that builds on the basic substance from which we get our substance

So - the Word becoming a baby that had to learn/remember & grow … didn’t give up divine substance.

Just like our evil does not taint the divine substance we are in.

It is not what goes in from outside, but what comes out from inside that taints/purifies.

This Op seems rather garbled to me. Perhaps I do not understand it. I can’t figure out if the good that you say is the substance of thought is really an evil intrusion into an otherwise divine source. It is from what comes from without that defiles a person. Within, we are pure and righteous. Acceptance of evil is a thought. Acceptance of the good is awareness of spiritual reality. Which is it?

I agree with you, it isn’t very coherent.

It sounds like she’s talking about the experience of meditation, when thoughts just keep flooding your mind to begin with, and only after a while and more practice do you learn to let them pass. It is true that after a while you realise that you are the observer of those thoughts and that they seem to be coming from another place.

But then she goes on to make an analogy with the divine child, but she mixes it with the word of her thoughts. So then you have the confusion of distinguishing what she means. Clarity would help.

The title is interesting to me though. It seems the difference between me and an AI is that on the desk top that is my mind the data is processed by my experience. There is something that it is like to be me having the experience and processing the data. Does anyone one know who this experiencer/thinker is? How do we know there isn’t one thinker who is doing all the thinking behind all our thoughts?

If thoughts are Ideas,
And Ideas are Viruses,
Then who creates them?

When we don’t actively reject the privation (when we allow more than the good)—we are the intentional source of what comes out from inside that taints us—even if we first learned it from our internal/external environment.

What matters more than the environmental source of privation is just rejecting the cognitive distortion & holding fast to the good (whole) it implies.

Perhaps the conscious and the unconscious mind creates them through what we observe, hear. touch, smell and taste in the world lol.

Somebody creates them, my dear, but not who you might first suspect.

How many of your thoughts, are actually “yours”?