The time machine

Watching it now i see that time travel to the past is impossible in more ways than one.

Religiously it goes against relgion comletly. Takes free will and times it by the power over destiny.

Scientifically it undes time space fabric.

must keep illusion of realism: because if i go back in time and change the thing that makes me build the time machine i dont go back in time thus i dont go back in time then… well we have gone over this.

My question is if we go to the future and cant go back then is it destiny that i was to go into the future?

On a side note i thought it was brilliant watching a river cut the earth into a canyon.

The only way I can see “time travelling” into the future is by cytogenetically freezing yourself. That way you would be able to go forward in time, but could never return to any time in the past.

As for destiny, haha, no matter what you do, it always part of your destiny. Only madmen talk about Destiny with a captial ‘D’.

Pax Vitae

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Aye. Which isn’t really travelling in time either, it’s just manipulating the human body to last longer and preventing change occuring within it. It’s a trick, really.

I’m not a fan of viewing time as a dimension - time is a tool we use to observe and categorise change in the universe. The only way to travel back in time would be to - at that moment back in time - created a replica of the universe and store it, in zip format, somewhere. Then, in the present (we’d have to wait a couple of hundred years until the olde time was sufficientely dated to actually make time travel worthwhile), we’d take the zipped universe and modify every particle in the universe to the state, position, and direction that it was at that moment in the past. This would then allow time travel.

But it wouldn’t be time travel. It would be replication of the past into the future, since the process of change for each particle wouldn’t have any relevance to time, it would simply enact what the instructions told it. We revisit the past, by creating it in the future.

Just like Artificial Intelligence, I believe Time Travel will spark a new revolution in our civilization, marking the beginning of our end. To give a single person, power over our history? The repercussions are unthinkable…

I can manipulate a little theory of relativity to explain how you can travel back in time. According to Einstein’s theory, time is relative. One second does not always equal one second.
If someone is looking at a clock and moving away from it, it would take light longer to bounce off of it and reach that person’s eye. So the faster that person moves, relative to that clock, the slower the clock will appear to move and time will also move slower for the person.
If that person were moving at the speed of light the clock would appear to be motionless (if he could still see it). So time would not pass for him.
If that person is traveling fast than the speed of light, then he would catch up with the light that bounced off the clock and passed him in the past. He would see what the clock read in the past and he would age backwards. He would travel back in time. But this is impossible because nothing can travel the speed of light. Anything that has any mass would have to have an infinite amount of energy, and there is a set amount of energy in the universe.
That’s relativity, at least how I understand it. I haven’t had much of a chance to study it, I’m just a kid.

Time travel…what are you talking about. Lets have some clarity. You cannot travel through time only with time whether you are moving so fast that you use very little time or that you are moving so slow that you are using it all. Now if we get into relativity and traveling relative to something else then of course there is time travel but lets remember we can’t out live even light since it is timeless. Destiny oh gosh how could you even say it. What is destiny. Do you believe in the Ben Franklin universe where everyone is a gear. Anyways you need some harsh clarity so we can get a move on with the discussion.

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The only Logical form of time is Cause and effect. It is like the tick tocking. Tick leads to tock, Tock leads to tick.

Thus if i wish to undo a tock i must go back to the tick. But by undoing the tock i have undone my changing of the tick. thus the tocks no longer lead to a tick and time loops infinitively

Time travel, well it seems to me the majority of theorys are going along the lines implanted on us by metaphysics. The need for immortality and so and so. Time travel will never happen! simply as we cant even get Mars; governments dont and never will have the money or drive to atleast go in space, never mind time travel.

Imagine travelling to the end of time, well you couldnt! cause youd have to come out before you went in. You can only travel back from when you made the time travel machine, you could constantly go backwards though and recreat yourself over and over again. You could go back in time get a theory, and give it to someone else; but this is a paradox, its thinking is a thinking about thinking.


Neither will happen! Artificial intelligience no, cause we are no-where near understanding ourselfs then the ancient chinese or greeks did. And time travel, Einsteins theory (gravity is a distoration in space, like it worps the space around the sun) and travelling the speed of light (but you need to travel faster than the speed of light to exit the singularity of a black hole).
Without going into detail about the need of anti-gravity(loads of it) to rotate a blackhole, plus something 10,000 times stonger than carbon rods(which are 100 times stronger steel) so you dont get riped apart. I found Paul Davies and David Dysche both good searchs for explaining the time travel machine.

yeah i wrote alot, but then deleted it all cause i thought it didnt make sence. but i think it just comes down to the fact that the universe will not allow such things as time travel (backwards) to be possible. just as it is not possible for me to walk through a wall or twist myself into a pretzel by clapping my hands. its just not the way the universe is. time paradoxes like killing your grandfather before you were born just cant happen because its just not doable. you essentially have to make the entire universe around you move backwards. and well… good luck with that. and if that isnt the case, then you would have to admit that all times exist simotaniously, otherwise there would be nowhere to travel to.

Doesn’t matter. AI will happen completely by accident, we don’t need to understand anything about ourselves (it’s a little arrogant to consider that the only way to create intelligence is to replicate our own). Once upon a time, the Robots dawned…

Seriously, like most innovations and scientific revolutions, it’ll just happen. There’s no real impediment to the idea of AI, it’s just the implementation. So we wait for something wonderful to happen. And then our species dies. Amen to that, the Clean-a-Bots are coming!

Not Stoic Enough, relativity is all very well and good, but as you say later on, it’s impossible to travel at the speed of light. Even if we argue against all these emminent physicists and decide that we just will travel a little faster than light, perhaps next Tuesday, then relativity can be pretty much ignored because we’ll then be dealing with new dimensions which don’t behave in any rational way. (the 8th dimension is shaped like a cupcake, with our Y plane being shaped around the bumpy paper bit, yet because of the 20th dimension, the 8th dimension exists spatially both within and outwith itself at the same time, thus allowing photons to travel forwards and backwards at the speed of light simultaneously, nullifying time).


Perhaps my main problem with surpassing the speed of light is that for time travel to be of any purpose, we need everything else to move at the same time, don’t we? I don’t fully or even partially understand the relationships between mass/energy/superstrings but if we’re only looking at old light, surely when we try to walk through the garden of Gethsemane, we become a little perturbed when the pond we see kills us instantly since we’re standing in the middle of a 4 lane highway in today’s time. Of course, we aren’t, because we’re travelling at the speed of light (and therefore become light and so really haven’t gained anything because we’d have to move faster than ourselves to look back a couple of seconds at where we were, and so on).

God must be chuckling at all this, clever sod.

Well in a way you’re time travelling every time you move, that is, you’re entering another time zone. That’s because there is no common time. Besides, every time you relocate yourself you’re speeding up your own time a little bit in relation to other people’s times, so if you took a spaceship and travelled really fast, you would be able to come back after a few years and discover the entire earth has aged a few decades. Furthermore, you can also be happy to know that you are travelling in time right now, because the universe is a time machine. I mean time is moving forward and you are too so… Like someone said earlier time is only cause and consequence, like a clock, each tick leading to the next tock. Saying this you can say that you could travel in time if you managed to recreate the entire universe the way it was at any time that has already been, I mean every atom and every piece of energy exactly where it was. This would be hard, but there is no reason why the universe could not do this by chance, and that means that if the universe is deterministic time will repeat and repeat and repeat it self. But it wont repeat itself either, because any point in time that exists twice exists only once, they’re the same instants…

But surely religion itself is hypocritical in believing that we have free will BUT God already knows what is going to happen. If God already knows what will happen why can we not travel to what He knows will happen?

why? you ask.
He is nonexistent says i.

Let’s avoid the timetravel idea, and just think about speed factors.

If you become faster, the universe appears to be slower.
If you become slower, the universe appears to be faster.

Changing your own speed prespectively alters the speed of time in the universe!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

someone smarter than me once asked “if humans ever invented time travel, where are all the people from the future?”


looking into the past would be the correct answer.

If you went back in time the moment you change the thing you invented that made you go back in time you would be warped to a new future, it would be the place you would have been without inventing it. You would have no memory of ever going back into time or anything of the sort because it never happened.

So , false memories , are possible?