The time machine

You would not remember anything from traveling in time or about inventing the time machine, but, I know this is twisted, you WOULD remember how you got to where you were.


At 1 pm you invent the time machine
At 2 pm you travel back in time
It takes you one hour to travel in time and prevent you from inventing the machine.
It is now 3 pm you know nothing about traveling but you do know what happened at 2:30, you werent traveling in time, you might’ve been eating lunch or something.

Not twisted at all , it’s fictional logic that makes clear sense.
i would not attempt the creation of a time machine ,
neither would i want to ravel anywhere other then the present that would only bring more neagtive emotions down on myself.
although at the same time you have your facts straight , good work sun1.

Thanks :slight_smile:

your very welcome.