The Transformational Potentional of Barack Obama

Increasing numbers of Americans are sensing that the forthcoming election comes at a time of great dangers at home and abroad. At a time when America’s estrangement from the world risks tipping into perilous imbalance, and a country at war with lethal enemies is also at war with itself, with sectarian and religious divides increasingly intractable, a competent, experienced, pragmatic candidate is a poor choice over a man with the once in a generation transformational power to inspire and unite a nation and present a new face to the world.

The Obama candicacy is about ending a war – not so much the war in Iraq, but a war insidiously eating at the social fiber of the polity. This is a war that has intensified to levels not seen since Vietnam – a war about culture, religion and race. And in that war Obama alone offers the chance of a truce.

If you think that times are pretty good, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy makes sense. If you think we are at transformational juncture calling for extraordinary attributes in a president, Obana is your man.

if you think times are pretty good, voting for any left winger makes NO sense.


Times are NOT pretty good and a vote for Clinton is a “business as usual” vote. Extraordinary times call for for an extraordinary leader and the field is full of regular “Joes” save for Obama. He looks like a long shot right now, but he’s gaining. If he doesn’t overtake Clinton, I’m voting Republican. Clinton, whatever her ideology, would be a disastrous president. Of the likely contenders, who are you supporting, Impenitent?

I would have loved to see a gingrich/rice ticket, oh well…

whichever republican wins the nomination…


times are excellent? please tell me that was written in sarcasm.

Obama seems like a genuine dude, but I don’t think he has the experience needed. Not to say that George W. did, but we need someone who is just as experienced in foriegn policy as in-conus affairs.

My problem with politics isn’t one we will ever be able to get around. In a popularity contest, you say what needs to be said regardless of what you truly believe. Sell what is easilly sold.

We’re all being sold lies disguised as stripes and shiny stars in a blue box. Sold.

I would have only voted for him because he smokes cigarettes. To me, that is an honorable charactaristic. But then he quit.

no, we are being sold freedom in capitalism or slavery under socialism.



End game of a society where the goal of the individual is to increase their profit and power is slavery for the masses.

Hilliary would be as bad as 90% of the republicans running. 70% of Americans want the war to end, but so many are being decieved by the right-wing media. I hate all bias media, but the right-wing media takes the cake.

The only cannidate who should win (if voting wasn’t tampered with) would be one against the war.

85% of americans want to end the war with us winning, NOT cutting, running and surrendering.


And what constitutes a win there ? The corporations sucking every last bit of cash from the situation ? or a stronger national defense and less threatened and less threatened security ?

If its the latter the Iraq war was not meant for teh win!

the same thing that constitutes a win in germany and japan.


I salute your idealism.

Does this seem like a recipe for assasination to anyone else?

‘‘the same thing that constitutes a win in germany and japan.’’

We should start buying Iraqi cars?

if they can make them cheap enough to compete with ford, sure.


Ideal, but with maybe a 1% chance of actually happening.

We have to cut our losses there to save our own skins.

yeah. we have to surrender now when we are winning. … es_in_iraq


we haven’t been winning since '03.

You must watch Fox News. :unamused:

the media is predominantly left wing

they overwhelmingly poll liberal and vote democrat

what is the case is that they take their cues from leading democrats

the leading democrats were for the war, so the media did not criticize as much during the march to and the early days

you haven’t experienced what a dominant right wing media would do

no negative news would come out, yet that’s all that has been happening for years now

Obame transforming america



america is not going to be transformed by any true republican or democrat

but probably a true national socialist who is pro america and pro welfare state could do something

in that sense democrats do have a chance to woo the votes with promise of security from foreigners and health security

this ship is going down

Technically, yes most media is left-wing if all you count is just telivision. Radio stations are practically all right-wing.

And I don’t think Lex was implying that Obama was going to transform America, but Obama has to potential to transform (himself). For bad or worse, I don’t know.

How would a pro welfare socialist change things? Are you saying it would be better under a socialist leader?