The Trump Putin affair and the impact on Ukraine

Its easy to forget a lot of the dastardly actions the Trump administration wrecked havoc upon the planet because there are too many examples of his inept, malicoius actions and words as president, but with the invasion in the Ukraine its important to remember some things right now. While everyone but propagandized Republicans knew the dangers of Russia Trump, these things happened:

Putin put in Trumps brain that it was Ukraine that was election interference, not Russia. Trump subsequently repeated that to the public and as such pushed Russian propaganda instead of everything US intelligence had found on the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Of course, Putin has been in war mode since prior to the Trump administration and targeting the Ukraine was on Putins mind then and now.

While ignoring Russias election interference while explicitly benefitting from it (Russia’s hack of Hilary’s emails, which those emails were ultimately just noise, and the propaganda their trolls were spreading on social media), Trump pointed the finger at the Ukraine, then talked about forming a cyber security unit with Russia. Obvious traitor is obvious.

Beyond that, its a good time to remember that Trumps first impeachment occurred due to withholding defense funds from the Ukraine in order to pressure Zelensky to make up some political garbage about Biden. He got caught, whistles were blown and impeachment occurred. All this reeks of Putin’s influence over Trump of course.

Today, Trump continues to praise Putin, claiming it was genius and savvy of Putin upon invading Ukraine. Trump lauded the Russian invasion as “the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen.” Obviously, it is quite the opposite, and Russia’s Ruble is collapsing even further, their stock market has collapsed and trading halted, and the entire Western World is now more united despite the damage Trump wished to do with NATO, in line with Putin’s desires to divide/weaken NATO and the European Union.

Trump will continue to lie and gaslight Americans as best he can, but the free thinking non subservient non slavish among us know better and remember his degeneracy all too well. … d=83159716

Everyone I’ve ever met in spirit fights for their lives in spirit. And that’s everyone. I’ve seen your spirits.

What? The big prize at the expense of reason??

Welcome to a land of no reason. See how it works out for you!

What’s the big prize? I don’t fight for a prize… I fight for reason, truth, justice, always will.

That’s the whole point. What do you think Putin’s spirit is trying? People will attempt to take over the whole world in spirit until the last drop to try to defend it because fuck ups have harsh consequences.