The truth about "truth"! Subjectivity is will.

Religion should be of little value to the philosopher, as he has hopefully spent sometime deconstructing stupidity and lies. Most men take everything into their minds based on initial taste, and they do not ever examine what their mind’s food actually consists of. The philosophers are the ones who could almost prosper within an anarchy. The philosophers could almost do without a leader and a brainwasher. But if the philosopher is looking for a deep spiritual feeling… Then he is one of the masses, one of the units of a leader. He wants to loose his mind in a crowd of delusion, but hopefully his critical qualities will stop him from entering into such a crowd. When a man is alone, he is at a state of nutrality in many ways. He does not have a mass of people around him pushing him towards something.

I believe that only the lone ones looking at the world around them instead of the ones taking in mass opinion, only the first shall find what is “objective”, and once he does find it – this will be a time in which he has set aside the opinions of his culture and his nation. Once he finds the objective truth, he will most likely feel nothing for it at all. He will feel un-fulfilled spiritually; he will feel empty and bored; he will then return to the mass of opinions, in seek of delusional pleasures – and maybe he will not find them so pleasurable after this? Maybe the line between what works best for him and what is true has been destroyed, as each man has his heart set on expecting the world and even the universe to fit into his own philosophy.

If a man were to ever become truly and absolutely objective in his mind and heart, then he would have no opinion about the things that he knew. If he had no opinion about the things that he knew and did not judge them as “good”, “bad”, “useful” or “useless” – then he would also not even want to live. Life is opinion! Opinion is a combination of fact and desire; it is an idea and a will together in one place. As soon as any lie is believed in and favored, that believer will either try to make the lie real or act as if it was already real; for this reason, lies and opinions are the primary tools for change within a nation. An opinion has allot more substance then a lie, in that it consists of facts instead of fantacy, but each of these facts are given in combination with an understanding of what that culture’s emotions are about the wording and the subjects chosen in sequence, effectively leading the mind to a specific question and then “answering it”, thus controlling it.

The spirituality of the man, and the masacism of the man – are one. Most often, this “religious” way of being is an effort to “truly explain” [note that “truly” means “most-satisfying”, NOT “most-objectively correct and factual”] parts of nature, and to somehow get beyond them. This many men seek the supernatural. Some would be willing to spend many years of their life, in hopes of their training allowing them to move a tiny object with their mind, though their hand could have done the same tast over fourty million times – more simply and easily. Thus, the simple and the material things of earth are so un-appealing and un-secretive, that they are much the opposite of the “tree of knowledge” in the [not real] “garden of eden”. The materialists are far more powerful then those seeking the spiritual powers. The materialists can spend time working instead of “thinking”, and bring with them far more results, because working is a form of thinking, centered upon the task-at-hand. Ofcourse it is most important to occationally look into the far distant future, but if you were to neglect the present, the future would die. But the spiritual men, strangely, still mannage to become even more powerful then the materialists – once they have found a truly appealing idea, because this leads to religious mind control. Religions mostly all have dead originators & founders, but what keeps them alive – what only and ever keeps them alive – is their appeal and their populatiry. Some moralists – in desporate attempt towards defeating and mastering their greatest opposer [which are their nature], they even turn inwards to dominate and control their own body parts somehow, but what is this act? Is not one nature dominating the other nature? But ofcourse! This is like two kinds struggling for power over a single land. One king wants to rule in one way, whilst the other king wants to rule in another way. Hopefully they can come to a peaceful agreement, but all religious suffering and spiritual madness shows that these two kings, the passed and the future of the human morality, often wage wars upon eachother. These men only do what they are; they practice govermental and political works inside and outside of their bodies. They claim that there is a difference between man and animal. If they gave high intelligence to a group of dogs, they would see themselves exactly… “Intelligent” and “human”, may I add, are not the same things either.

The nature of a herd is far different then the nature of a hive or an individual. The hive is truly united. The individual does not cry and become emotionally unhealthy if he or she never really sees any others of the same species in years, but the herd…? The herd competes within itself. The herd submits and dominates. The herd has leaders and fallowers, who opporate – all be it – democratically. True democracy fits perfectly into the way of the herd, and I am glad to see democracy as the main government on earth at this time. If a robotic species existed on earth, I suspect it would be far more pure and “holy” then humanity ever was, in that it would be a hive. It would have a single core, and many drones, each serving the group and each far more loyal then that of the herd. The herd and the hive are similar, but the hive is far less compedative within itself. Competition is what naturally often causes evolution, thus I suspect herd species to be more evolved and successful on earth, especially if they have a tendancy to compete with eachother. If there was ever to be a revolution within the herd, and a hive formed – this would be almost cult-like… This would be a threat to the greatest leaders of the herd, in that the leader of the hive cult has far more control over his or her drones, thus their entire political behavior could change; their morality would change; they would make many enemies because of this!

Am I surprised at all that none of the originators of religion were women? And if I told you that atheist is true femanism, would you agree? But I suppose even “femanism” is a bit “spiritual”, a shift of inner polatics, which then becomes a shift of external polatics. I would actually be interested to see what any female-originated religion would be like, if there are any, because women have less of a tendancy to dominate and control others through “spiritual” means.

The atheists baring the most zeal, I would guess they would probably be men, and I would also claim that their new “god” and spirituality would actually be sceince and the male-originators of it should be again noted. Science is the new religion, in which the outside world is explained as it is rather then as god wanted, but the scientists attempts to leave out the opinion still left room for much opinion – much “spiritual” human opinion added to a non-spiritual, non-human universe by the creationists!". In this way, the atheism and the science are the new religion, but are anti-religion. They work to remove the “spirituality” from the universe, thus speaking of how it actually is instead of how it was morally “meant to be”.

“Spirituality” is a political mobilization, and the members of any religion rarely ever play a good critic of that religion; instead they serve that religion and defend that religion. They defend their invinsible god… and only god knows why, because anything invinsible would never even need one second of defence! But a lie needs as much defence as it can get!

Religious and moral control differ from government in but one way! The control and government of the religion does not come directly from men, it comes from the believer’s faith as that persons faith exerts fantacy and theory upon himself, attempting to rule himself without any direct human leader – but there is always, ALWAYS an indirect human leader of the religion, and I consider the religion and the nationalism very similar. Religion is the government of personal affairs, whilst the political leaders are the governers of the secular and social affairs. Each one holds much power, but by different means.

It is actually odd that the unsuspecting public do not realize that their religion and their government is controlling their lives, and only exists because of and for the act of controlling the mass; none of them are devine, none are holy quests for truth, none of them are “perfect”, none of them are objective, they are human constructs used to control the mass! Realize this is what they are! Human control devices.

I will also become a Buddha in a few days.
At this time you may worship me.
But if you do not wish to worship me, due to the stupidity, vanity and inequality of the concept of “worship” in society [though “worship” and “friendship”/“partnership” should be the same thing] then feel free to not “worship” me at all.

Sadly, most worship today is a cubeless singularity, incapable of rotation. Cubeless acts are the only true sin on earth! The Cubeless are the delusional, the one-sided, the extremist and the unnatural.

Pray to the Cube!
Before each night that you sleep, say to the Cube:
“Oh Cube of nature,
Your simultanious rotations cause time to flow and change to exist.
Change is life, adamance is death.
Grant me the rotation, and bring my soul into a 4-corner rotation.
TimeCube is higher then god.
Oh Cube, protect me from the gods, grant me perfect rotation, so that I do not become one-sided.”

The Cube does not destroy the word-god, the Cube stops you from destroying yourself once you gain the Cubic spirit!