The Truth

The only acquisition of absolute truth is gained through knowing nothing. This is the essence of the male spirit, the male human animal.

To know ‘nothing’ is the attempt to negate a ‘thing’. It is a process of unraveling your opponent’s knowledge of life with empathy & introspection.

When you listen to the words of others, listen carefully. Every word is based in a belief, rooted in language, that has nothing to do with “truth”.

People believe what they are compelled to believe, what they are taught to believe … what they are made to believe.

By undoing these beliefs and by revealing the ignorance behind all words & concepts, you will begin to see that all knowledge is only relevant to the “self”.

All human animals are very base creatures, as predictable as a cat or dog. Expect this and you will see that we are worthless. Our actions are planned.

Expect violence. Expect pain & suffering. Expect cruelty & war. Expect the worst with no hope for the best.

The enlightened few are still able to see things clearly. Do not talk–listen. Hypocrisy is traceable.

As soon as you speak, you are wrong. As soon as you speak, ignorance and the will to power begins. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

The unexamined life is not worth living…

  1. why male? does the female spirit know something the male spirit does not?

  2. why not hope for better, in spite of the worst?

wait a minute - since when am i a “nihilistic deconstructionist”?? that’s kinda ridiculous - who’s responsible for that?

Oh dear "the truth" raises its ugly head again

I’d have to go with Nietzsche full square on this truths are what enhance and add value to life even if these are technically lies or inaccuracies.

The idea of some absolute definite article once in a life time truth is equally debilitating for males, females and hermaphrodites of both, all and what ever imaginary sex has yet to be invented :slight_smile:


Some say the truth is divine. I personally like knowing the truth, but the truth itself is quite shocking.

Truth, insofar as there is any, is far more satisfying when it’s blasphemous than when it’s divine.

If we could even lose that tiny little “the” the always seems to be in front of it we might, at least, make some progress(es)

For a plurality of truths


How about this? If we assume that things are actually a certain “way” then truth is the way that things actually are.

But things are rarely only one certain “way”, even if we make that assumption. So there’s no reason to think they “actually” are any one particular way either.

Physical things, I mean.

Are you then saying that a physical thing can be itself and something else at the same time?

No, not necessarily - but things “are” in a multiplicity of ways - even our placing limits on them in order to distinguish them as particular “things” is a generally arbitrary process in relation to any actuality (hell, even distinctions between the different ways in which things are is probably arbitrary), and so the resulting benefits we gain from engaging in that process are limited in terms of their truth-value, practically beneficial though they may be in any individual context - where does one thing end and the next thing begin? well, there are quantum answers to that, cosmic answers to that, spiritual answers to that, hypothetical answers to that, cultural answers to that, all sorts of answers to that - selecting any one answer will probably only reveal a very select portion of “truth”.

I’m talking about a much more basic process than that. I see a tree in the backyard. It could be an oak or a pecan, it’s difficult to tell from this distance. It might even be a magnolia tree. But I know that it is either an oak or or it’s not an oak. And I know that certainly and unambiguously.

Sometimes I think we complicate things unnecessarily.

And how! But, then again, anything - oak tree or otherwise - either “is” or isn’t what it is. That’s an artifact of the way in which we use words, certain and unambiguous only because a determination about the truth of the matter has already been made. So, truth in the case of oak vs. not oak is not really problematic - we define what an oak is and then we determine wether the tree in question meets those criteria - but that’s a very limited form of truth, and one that functions only within a particular scheme of classification, if we wanted to ascertain the truth about what role the tree plays in, say, the broader ecosystem of the backyard, the mere fact that it’s an oak will only take us a short distance towards an answer. If truth were a desert, the meaning of the term “oak tree” might, at most, be a single grain of sand.

I’ve been reading this book called “on the plurality of worlds” which is along this sort of line. Check out my thread in the hall of questions if you’re interested. Let’s talk about the pulurality of truths, or worlds, or whatever.

You see a tree. Now try to see it without words. Is it possible?

  1. No, the female spirit feels ‘something’ the male spirit does not.

  2. Hope for nothing in order to achieve something. This is the inverse mechanic of the working universe.

Yes, I still ‘see’ it, that is to say, I have an awareness of it. I have an awareness of an object in what I assume to be external reality. Naturally, I can communicate to you this awareness only by using a language with which we are both somewhat familiar.

“Truth” - What a word!

I think mister fuzzledorf is off to a good start mind you he’s almost making me feel vertiginous – it can get quite complex quite quick it would seem

This male spirit feels loads – too much at times!!

kinda useless one at the end of the day?

– Maybe a better thread might be to each chart up five lies we told today that made it easier for ourselves or some one else!

Or so it thinks

How’s this to start? “I love you.”