The Typical Bourgeois And Aristrocrat Family.

There exists the sentiment of the innocent family and the ideal citizen one who is obedient to the state in being “useful”.

This family is known as the bourgeois and the aristrocrat family.

Let it be known that there exists no innocence and this goes for the ideal family and citizen.

I feel no pity for such families being robbed, murdered, cheated, or going through other various extremities.

Behind the essence of history in instances where we see scarcity, privation,monopolies, oppression and individual repression there sits the ideal family known as the bourgeois or the aristrocrat sitting proudly as to be innocent all the while such families actually create the supply and demand of such insidious operations in the first place with their consumerism.

Such ideal families and public figures make commodities of men.

To all the ideal families with their cheering faces and false sense of securities perpetuated by their ego of self public imagery for all I care you can all die!

Throw them all out into pits and fires!

Devour them all!

Bakunin- " The only good bourgeois is a dead one."

Double post.

Don’t all human beings suffer the same in some way when they lose family? Or things of sentimental value? Shouldn’t every human have the right to live peacefully and do whatever they can to advance themselves and survive by some sort of civil agreement with one another?

The bourgeois and the aristrocrats are historically the perpetrators of human suffering.

How do get rid of suffering? By targeting the very perpetrators of it.

The Bourgeois and aristrocrats don’t desire peace beyond their humanistic deceptions.

They are a brand of people who have a unsatiable lust for apathy, idleness and convenience. The only way to fulfill this ideal existence is to keep fulfilling the supply and demand of slaves.

I think we should all stop targetting each other. If everyone on earth recognized that we have the same plight as humans, then we could work together and it might be shown that there’s no need or even value in exploitation. Figure out a way to make it undesirable for them to exploit.

Romantic idealism. #-o [-X

if we try to kill the wealthy, they will kill us first since they have more clout to do so. The “realistic” way to overpower them is to encourage citizens to take responsibility for voting in general, whom they vote for, and boycot businesses who fuck over the population.

The wealthy will continue to exploit until “we” (that includes me … and you) do something about it. We can’t keep shifting the responsibilities onto “them.” I have news for you, … you and me are “them.”

Romantic idealism can get you laid. Don’t buy it when people are selling it to you, but be sure and sell it whenever you can.

The bourgeois and aristrocrats control the voting booth.

Voting then becomes a distraction and responsibility a entrapment.

Atleast your honest.

What a simple minded, ignorant view of the world and of history…and economics…and politics…and pretty much everything.

It is a sad state of mind you are in, my friend.

You should consider moving to Venezuela, Joker.

How very Marxist of you, joker. Well, Lenin’s Marxism anyway.

kill the poor!


the rich can buy armor and better guns


Death isn’t the only option. Just take away their money. It’s not like they’re rich by nature or mean to corrupt. All they need is a lesson or two in the hard knock life and they’ll come to their senses.

My dad started poor and became relatively well off.

Is he evil or just ignorant of the world?

I don’t really understand marxism, as it really is an irrational belief system.