The ultimate question in reference to...G

Ok. If you can tell me what this means than i would appreciate it.

(Gs us) (jeez, us) -Gs (United States)
hey zeus-hey zoos-hey 2005
G-spot (?)

G-…free, masons - son of a ma- MA, SON
G is a… C with a cross on it (T)

God backwards is dog-man’s best friend
g-od-over, dose - a G that over dosed

devil backwards is lived*

then we have…
sociology (so, see, all, a g)
biology (buy, all, a, g)
psychology(sigh, call, a, g)
geology (G, all, a, G)
history(his, tree)
geometry(g, I’m, a, tree)
ology(all, a, g)

Ok there are codes and I understand that but what do they mean, who created them and why do I just suddenly stumble upon them with no answers…I need directions that lead somewhere. For the misleaders this is not coincidence and yes you can do this with a lot of things…but this means something that is concrete…to some degree

Yeah there we have it…real philosophy of language and writers and creaters…not mumbo jumbo of dead people…lick in this lillypop

[-o< …?.. :-k


g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit! G-Unit (God-Unitarian).

well this has to mean 50 Cents rap crew is Unitarian, with it not just being coincidence and all.



yeah…now for the meaning of someone else…

Looks like you’re on the voyage to enlightenment. What you’re talking about is madness, however.


Ok I think what I think about the information now I want personal thoughts and application…wow this is a maze.