The Universe's Ugly Side Behind Its Side of Beauty

The Universe and Us have a strange relationship between how the ugly and the beauty are drawn out from under the same circumstances (in this case, I will be referring to conscious/subconscious as they are during our dreams to show you that the world outside of our head isn’t that different from what goes on inside our head): beauty is found towards the surface of the water/beauty is found towards the surface of the consciousness - ugly is found below the surface of the water/ugly is found below the surface of the consciousness.

Creatures above the surface of water look like this: (Isn’t the Universe amazing? Women wearing lipstick was inspired by fish in the ocean that look like a transvestite Elvis Presley)!

Creatures below the surface of water look like this: (Man, don’t these ugly fish resemble the ugly we see in the people we come across today? One could take that picture and set it next to a mean ol’ politician’s picture to see the resemblance. It’s almost as if the Universe is as shameful of its ugly side as we are)!

Creatures towards the surface of the consciousness look like this: (Look at this woman dreaming such a beautiful world. $100 that she’s actually a broke down hooker in the slums of New York that uses heroin needles to take care of her STD induced itches in the real world - this dream being just what she wants to see right now; the moment she looks at her life right now, is the moment her dreams will look like the next example).

Creatures below the surface of the consciousness look like this: (In the darker regions of our subconscious world, we will see things that send chills down our back, leaving us in fear which petrifies us; things that represent our side we’re ashamed of and tend to forget even exists, much like the creatures below the surface of planet Earth’s oceans).

Interestingly enough, the further we go below the surface, the heavier/darker it gets - this applies to both, the oceans in real life and the subconscious inside our mind.


Actually, I find them awesome, heck, we are related to to them. Fear is from wives tales and from ghost stories. Anyone that finds such beautiful life horrible, is ignorant of life.

I don’t know, the Ocean is pretty mysterious and creepy. And it is very real and natural.

Fear is just a created mental obstruction. An individual chooses to create it, just as they can choose to not let it manifest and be created.

I guess I just may spend too much time with critturs other than humans now. At one point in my life it would have been creepy. But now, no.

Land critters? You do know we don’t even have about 90% of the oceans explored right?

Yep, but, the unexplored is still related and awesome in it’s difference and similarity . How could it not be? So what if we don’t know about them , in an extremely broad sense, we are family of a sort.

Do you work for a living, and do you take these sort of reflections to your job?

The Coincidence in in your mind. I mean that is the most literal sense possible. Most people would simply make experiential and empirical distinctions that render these as discrete factors in reality, only vaguely connected, and not causally connected.

You were wrong about the Fibonacci Sequence.

You are wrong about the “Fibonacci Seaquence”.

See what I did there? I am too clever for you, Rev. Munchkin.

Rev Mucnchkin: Allow this, maybe Your signature should read the opposite= loving you is easier. i dunno. (ignore this as being totally , only, an comment, en-passant.)

Most ugly things in the dreamworld are not seen as ugly in the dream, they just are and accepted so, at face value. It’s only upon conscious reflection that they are recognized as ugly.

“ugly” is a euphemism for “what I cannot understand”.

I prefer to see it as what one does not want to accept.

People cannot accept what they do not understand.

I’m one psychological level below you.

I tease.

And people cannot understand what they do not accept. For me aesthetics comes first or co-incidental to knowledge. Reality at least when it comes to material structures and those certain ones we call “living” is all about value judgments or “interpretations” in that we see what and how and why and if and where we are capable of seeing.

Here enters psychology. Capacities of conscious perception and understanding rest upon the brain, meaning inside the subtle interconnections between living filaments of self-valuing spontaneously engendering storage capacity networks - memory.

Remove memory and you remove consciousness. Remove the “personality” (the psyche-construct heuristics tendencies qua coherence field structures and cross-reflective meta-derivations of assumed material causal constituent ‘substances’) and you also remove consciousness.

Processing and interpretation spiraling up or down to “infinity”, up to “the eternal” or down to “deep dark hell”.

These are all metaphors, see? Or do you? A metaphor is always more than just a metaphor- and theres another metaphor for you. Try impregnating your metaphorical mind with scientific images and logic, this “supernode” would be kind of an example of how i see the basic relatants and cells of mind.

Ugliness and beauty make sense, they make as much or more sense than “false and true” or even “wrong and right”. Then again love and joy are prerogatives of the sufficiently conscious and “self-aware”, a capacity that is, if minimally consciously expressive in most people, at least always preset in a latent way.

I don’t know about that, Pandora. I’ve had some wonderful stunning dreams. But I’ve also had some horrible dreams which have conjured up fear in me.

I remember dreaming that I had these ugly looking (uh, even remembering them now is making me cringe) fat worms that were all entangled slithering under my stove. I screamed in my dream when I saw them. Nothing acceptable about them to me. Nothing just being “as they are” to me. Then I went into my bedroom and there were more of them under my bed. Again, they were all tangled up. I don’t recall if I ever put this dream in ilp. :cry:

I kind of think that if the things which we see in dreams are so accepted by us and we have no negative reaction to them at all, then our subconscious is not able to do the work it is meant to do. Maybe I’m wrong in this. Dreams do bring messages from our subconscious. I firmly assert this. lol I don’t know - perhaps these creepy crawling creatures represented the gordian knot to me. I can’t remember at the time what I may have been “going through” but perhaps they did represent something unresolved unreconciled within me yet at that time. Maybe they also represented part of my brain - poor me. But I can see that too. Come to think of it, I don’t actually see any division between the gordian knot and my brain.

I also dreamed once that I was in this rowboat and all around me were snakes slithering around the boat and the water was kind of slimy. I think that at times when we dream of snakes it’s about a healing process. Those upper snakes or whatever they were didn’t quite look like the typical snake. They were much shorter and fatter/plumper. ooooooooooooooo.

I’ve actually held a few non-poisonous lol snakes in my hand. They are actually quite cute when you can transcend that garden of eden fable.

After all of that, maybe you just meant certain things which we normally view as ugly in real life consciousness but wouldn’t necessarily view as ugly in the dream realm.

Perhaps it depends on an individual, arc. My most fearful dreams (perceived so while in the dream) do not involve encountering disgusting critters and being afraid of them because of their ugliness alone rather those involving actions, such as trying to escape an underground basement filling with water, running away from somebody or something that still follows you like a shadow, missing goals such as getting on a wrong train while desperately trying to meet someone, essentially I’d classify them as failure in actions, or perceived failure of action. Ugly is not threatening simply on the account of being ugly, only in action that it takes in the dream. Ugly critters encountered in my dreams usually do not bother me, or attempt to attack me, sometimes they are just there, like pets, or furniture. Even in one of my dreams about a giant snake that I remember it was not on the account of the snake itself being ugly or threatening that I was disturbed, but that I was playing a tug of war with it and it was winning! Lol!
(The dream was actually an inspiration for my signature, as the snake was half snake and half root of a tree).