The use of Embryonic stem cells for therapeutic research

Is it ethically acceptable to extract cells from a human embryo prior to its implantation in utero (thereby ending its potential development) in order to cultivate and study these cells in the laboratory?

Well when you consider the fact that the majority of stem cells used for research are going to come from embryo’s that would be destroyed other wise, yes.

The anti-stemcell people are so hypocritical, they’ll willingly let thousands of embryo’s be destroyed at fertility clinics, but as soon as someone wants to put them to good use, they cry foul

I agree, we’re talking about things that don’t even have consciousness. At what point do vague fundamentalists cease to see humans? do i kill innocent thousands every time i masturbate, for example?

Personally, I would have a problem with growing and harvesting stem cells. But now I guess they can extract stem cells from teeth. I wouldn’t have a problem with research if they were obtained from teeth. And an interesting note. Someone in my high school, in one of his debate rounds, said that spermicide is a weapon of mass destruction becuase it kills of thousands of potential humans.

You’re kidding me about the spermicide homicide thing right? Spermatozoa do not equal men.

Why is harvesting the cells from teeth less of a problem for you?