The Usual Propaganda Of Globalism Finally Revealed

It’s time to hate whitey!

That’s right, fuck all white people and Europeans!

Embrace multiculturalism and multi-racialism.

Obey your globalist overlords!

We have a singular monolithic ethnicity and culture worldwide to build in the construction of a post- globalist world in which we get rid of the multitude of ethnicities or cultures everywhere.

Assimilate, interbreed, and mix with one another.

Leave no individual distinction or expression of separateness anywhere.

Melting pot bitches!

Us brain dead zombies of the populace have a global agenda to fulfill.

Our globalist overlords are counting on it.

Don’t ask questions!

Do not question the agenda!

Interbreed all cultures and races together for a better globalist tomorrow for one world government is just right around the corner.

Ethnocentric nationalism is the enemy. Multicultural or multi-racial globalism and global government is your friend.

Individual identity is the enemy.

Collectivist identity is your friend.

So what if a couple of cultures and races die completely out in this globalist construction comrades?

That’s fucking progress! Get it yet?

If you don’t go along with the globalist and one world government agenda your a racist!

We will brand you a outcast and heretic!

Kill all the white people! Hate Whitey!

The globalist future under one world government will be a post - world where after all races interbreeds or intermixes a singular purple skinned race will emerge in the aftermath united under one global culture and language. They will be called the Jerkoffs.

All hail our globalist overlords!

Seperate individual distinction is the enemy!

Globally assimilate! Resistance is futile!

It’s just white people were talking about here.

They don’t matter…

Say it with me, white people don’t fucking matter.

Fuck all the white people!

They’re not really people anyways.

They’re expendable in the building of globalism.

Everybody is expendable in building the glorious globalist empire from which our one world government will spring fourth.

According the usual globalist rhetoric the dying out of the Caucasian race along with all it’s cultures world wide is progress in the making.

We should celebrate this instead of impeding it.

After Caucasians die out then we can proceed to kill off all the Hispanics, Asians, Africans, Indians, Arabs, and so on.

A singular global race worldwide created out of all dead extinct prior races will be realized.

A global empire without borders, territories, and nations will become realized.

Our globalist overlords would never lie to us…

They have a plan, I tell you!

They’re fucking Ivy League geniuses!

Global dominion!

That’s racist bro.

According to some it’s global progressivism.

Didn’t you tell me in another thread your devotion to ethnic social justice and multiculturalism? Ethnicities dying out or becoming extinct in order to create a global multicultural utopia where eventually a single global culture and race emerges should please you.


I don’t see haow this pardigm makes sense to you, first thing, if races mix then they don’t really die out, also how do you define race and ethnicity? Somewhere down the line people start identifying themselves as “this” and “that” even though a few centuries earlier they would have considered themselves something else.

Racial purity to me seems like a joke, what does it mean to be a pure anything? I mean shit a hundred years ago people were bitching about the italians and Irish, now they bitch about hispanics, has nothing to do with race, race is just easy it blankets enough people to where one doesn’t have to think of the actual reason for social problems.

And why would the “Global Elite” push this for any specific reason? Because it would stop nationalism? No give it a hundred years and the “mixed race” will be consider the pure whatever race"
And even if they do who cares, I don’t remmeber the last time i say some say “have sex with this person of another race or you’re goin to jail”.

For someone who claims to be in support of freedom this seems like one of your odd subjects.

Personally despite what people support or are against I don’t think the world ever will become “one race” (i used to). Because of the simple fact than many countries do not support Miscegenation (Japan for instance.)
And while people all tstarted melding into “one race” they would simultaniously be changing genetically based on local conditions.

I don’t hate white people, I am what you would consider “white” though I do have mohawk indian blood in me.

This stuff may be supported by the modern norms of the west today, though only in about the last 40 years before that they were just as much advocates for racialism as you are some still are.

I don’ see the mixing of races as losing anything, especially here in the U.S.

Being concerned with staying majority white should be a European concern not an American one.

I do agree with you in one part( and only this one) in that people of european descent are often discouraged against racial pride while it’s encourage and seen as ok in other races that is something hypocritical an idiotic.

But the idea that “whites” are going to go “extinct” and then th country will be taken over by hispanics or whatever is just as stupid.

I don’t want majority White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or what have you. I want a majority American, and breaking down racial barriers is a good start.

I mean for Gods sake, even “White” is a fairly recent blanket term based on all the European intermixing and need to identify themselves in relation to the rest otf the now mostley fully mapped world.

Well said globalist comrade Stoic

All races and cultures need to intermix or assimilate.

One global race and culture under world government must be realized.

We worship our most holy venerated state!

We suckle from it’s milk and honey nipples!

You either arent reading what I said or are being an idiot.

Nonsense comrade.

Race, culture, and individual distinction does not exist.

This has been explained to us for many years by our globalist overlords.

You have been right all the time comrade.

I should have never question the multicultural and multiracial global utopic society being made for us all by our great leaders.

I surrender myself to our all wise and powerful global overlords!

I love authority!

I want to wrap myself every night naked under authority to keep myself warm!

Whatever dude, okay which “Globalist overlords” are endorsing this doctrine?

You’re right you don’t need authority, you can cover yourself up in a shroud of racial pride at night, snug as a bug…

What globalist overlords?

You are a funny one comrade!

For a moment I thought you were asking a genuine question.

Which ones! I Want names! I’m not content with "them"s and "they"s.

You don’t know comrade?

Have you not been to re-education camp?

You have never heard of our great globalist overlords of Goldmansachs, Bilderberg, or global financial governance also known as the all seeing eye?

Do I need to report you to the authorities for your negligence?

Those plutocrats and old world Royalty? Hah! Hhahahahahahahaha… ha :laughing-rolling:.

The’re useful… I guess at keeping the the revenue streams flowing ( at least thats what we thought), but you think “they” run the show? Bah! Rabble rousing rhetoric.

Those individuals control the central banks and financial regulators.

Money buys armies and so much more.

Somebody isn’t paying any attention.

Money funds armies and if they need it bad enough they’ll just take it, from the finaciers if need be.

These people in power internationally across the world are not ameturs.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

For them other people’s lives are pawns on a elaborate global chess board of nations and nation building.

Well, you know I’ve had problems with this before…
I find very little individualism in thinking I am white and should mate with whites. That seems to limit my possibilities for mating, limit my self-conception and make me a part of some group I am supposed to be like. I suddenly feel like I am standing outside in rows of white people being filmed by a former beauty queen.

After all this time where it was a crime to have sex with people from other races

IOW when individual choice was more limited

we can now do this.

We now have more kinds of people than before. There are new groups. New non-groups.

I mean, if anyone does not want to mate with another race, well, they shouldn’t. I suppose some of them are stupid enough to choose a mate because of a Benneton add, but really, isn’t it more likely that they are just allowing themselves to what they wanted.

I mean, a mixed race couple still faces more hassles than a single race couple.

Anyway, I think there is a contradiction and in fact a real fear of individualism in this fear of people having sex with WHOEVER THEY DAMN WELL WANT and falling in love with whoever they damn well want and having babies with whoever they damn well want.

Desire, individualism, more choices. Choosing between Nike and Addidas…that’s not freedom…but being able to love and live with whoever feels right, that is freedom and one that has taken centuries to get government, church, busybodies, racists, nationalists, racialists’, and one’s family, class separations
out of the business of stopping.

No, “they” are the pawns. They’re just trying not to be.

That’s great comrade.

I am glad you have embraced the enlighten view of globalism by our overlords also.

Very soon we will breed the white race out of existence completely.

The problem is that there is too many white people left still.

We need to find a way of getting rid of them by assimilation a lot faster.

It’s all a part of the globalist one world plan.

After that we will breed other ethnicities out of existence by assimilation too until the day none remain left.

One by one all cultures, races, tribes, and nationalities will become assimilated for the glory of globalism.

One world, one race, one culture, one language, and one world government.

We seek to create a new world order.

Victory will be ours comrade.