The Usual Propaganda Of Globalism Finally Revealed

You are petty…

Joker doesn’t understand how genetics work.

Don’t you mean pretty good looking comrade?


We got experts to think about all of that at the ministry of lies.

Our overlords have provided us the best thinkers worldwide to read from.

These experts cannot be questioned as they are disciples of the state.

Joker can’t differentiate between differant ideological openents so he tries to belittle and mock them by criticising actions that haven’t been taken and posistions that they don’t actually support.

What are you talking about comrade?

Aren’t we on the same side?

No not really, even if you were being sincere.

I am disappointed. I thought we were globalist comrades.

Were getting back to the same point we were before WW2. There is an unresolved soci-geopolitical crisis going on with the extra measure of third world countries as major players. But its the same scene: the growing devide between havs and have not, global recession, and ethnic problems. Joker is on target with appreciating this, but may be wrong on one thing: there is a view floating around out there, that if it wasn’t for globalization, the probability of nuclear conflict would escalate radically, because not only do we have have’s and have nots in the western countries, but there is absolutely no equilzation world wide. The fact that globalization may be capitalism’s attempt to offset diminishing markets and returns is also credible and not mutually exclusive. The problem with ethnic, national bounderies is significant, but it’s not coincidental (and this too is iffy) that the problems of the Empire (british) brought on by the liberalization of the colonies- may have been realised by people like Lord Huxley, Russell, and others, and movers such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and the Crown, (members of the Club of Rome)—to realize an ideological solution that’s still seemingly unresolved.

A interesting analysis obe.

Might very well be the case.

For me imposed multiculturalism and multiracialism is a symptom of trying to create a global empire through internationalism.

Now since that experimental global empire is dying the question is what the future of multiculturalism or multiracialism is and if ethnic nationalism will make a come back upsetting that dying global experiment altogether.

One only needs to look at the various multicultural ethnic tensions of the west.

I myself support ethnic nationalism with my view of tribalism.

With personal regional and national boundaries as signifiers for identity? That’s ideological. What is going on in my opinion, is a process of open boundaries. So in the supreme court’s decision to allow some parts of Arizona’s policy of detaining by racial profiling some people who may be illegal, there are mixed messages coming from the feds. Or the borderline attitude on border enforcement (mexico), and the list is long. As I understand it tribalism is an elemental social organisation, and some people say that without this society will not be able to function properly, or even fall apart as a cohesive unit. (Down the line). But not knowing much about it, the most I can say is what levi strauss said eons ago, that its based on a participation mystique.

I’d be more worried about globalism being a cover for our capitalist overlords to strip us of our cultures and individuality, so as to turn us into products [servants if not owners] and our cultures be replaced by brands.

I would expect that to occur even if jokers racism was widely accepted.

My understanding of history and humanity is that race along with culture defines identity where regional territorial boundaries were defined by the tribe that forged them in ongoing historical interaction.

The mystique is nothing more than tradition.

Ethnic nationalism is built upon tradition.

Globalism is the creation of a new perception on the erosion of older traditions that it seeks to replace entirely.

Did Ethiopians forge the territories of Germany? Of course not.

Tribalism is malleable under what particular government, social, and economic apparatuses are guiding it or the lack of.

A important aspect of tribalism of course is the family as it’s core root.

The family is from where all identity stems.

That is a product of corporatism more than anything than it is globalism.

Racism? Such a defaming word. I prefer calling it self preservation or preservation of identity.

Cripes humans will always seperate themselves no matter what anyone tries to do. You cannot create one out of many. If that could be done I would have a peaceful home. Animals are easier to control yet, they form tribal bonds even interspecies bonds. There comes rivalry.
I work with and study almost 200 animals between my employer’s and my home.
There is rivalry that discipline cannot stop. There is trust and bonds between species that are considered enemies.
No human group can create one hive out of humanity. They can affect things but, they cannot make one out of many.

If you can decipher my intentional sarcasm you would note that is exactly what globalism is doing.

Until fairly recently it has been quite successful by means of psychological warfare, conditioning, and mass hypnosis…so far.

In terms of what I said they are synonymous I’d think? …being able to move persons and capital about, and to do worldwide business generally, probably requires globalism.

If for example you got your wish and got your nation/state of a single race [which one in America?], how would you do business e.g. oil, or even do business with your neighbours?

What’s to stop your culture from being attacked in the same way? If one of your people has a brand lets say redcow, what’s to stop him from owning a football club and calling it redcow football [like a similar named brand may have done with an Austrian team? Or if powerful enough, to rename your country. What’s to stop most or all aspects of your society from getting ‘branded out’, or most of your populous from becoming servants to owners.

Just because I cherish or wish to preserve my racial and cultural heritage doesn’t mean that I can’t cooperatively exchange with others of completely different origins.

I don’t despise other cultures and races.

I believe in mutual respect and preservation of all distinctions both racial or cultural within everybody.

I would have no problems trading with the Japanese so long as they respected my territories and not try to immigrate to them in mass within a theoretical nationalist stance of trade as example.

With that being said I believe your correct in saying how corporatism and capitalism influenced globalism.

Sarcasim noted LOL. Even I can leave my home for a few hours and noone fights. BUT, it is not lasting. My mixed crew is well trained but, rivalry cannot be stopped.

You’re the one who wants to restrict people’s choices. Some anarchist.

Actually they like people worrying about the stuff you are worrying about here.

Very soon? Not a chance. So it’s OK for Danes and Italiens to mate, or?

This is what I see: You did not respond to my post, but simply repeated your position and labelled me. Let me know if you are actually willing to respond or if you will just continue to repeat yourself.

The last part probably.

I’ve made my posistion fairly clear to joker and yet he still seems to missinterperate, sure there are certain policies here that share a losse resemblance to thing that I do support.

But not anywhere near the way he describes them.