The value of truth

If a conscious being valued something other than truth, it would cease to be a conscious being. Being a conscious being entails a love of truth.

So, if I valued, say, pleasure instead, would an Acme anvil fall from the sky and K.O. me?

Even pleasure is a kind of truth.

I know too many truths.

This is truth that is truth …. that’s all you’ll get, along with subjective ways to get there.

There is no such thing as truth. The only thing that is actually there is your “logically” ascertained premise, which you call “truth”.

As I always say, in the land of the fucktards, the one-truthed man is king.

Is that a fact?

Yep, saw that one coming. So, what then is not “truth” and what does one of these unconscious beings look like?

Truth is a movement. You can’t stop the movement, give a quick analysis and say that was truth.


Nah, schizophrenia is very conscious and it can lead to a creation of a complete fantasy reality, in fact, it could be a creation of a reality one loves, to escape.

What if someone believes something that conflicts with what you believe? Do they value [or love] something other than truth?

Nobody can escape reality, only a reality where everything is confirmed by others to be real.

But this is immaterial compared to the lack of consciousness even in a reality where everything is confirmed by others to be real. Do the truest truth disciples experience consciousness of literally everything? - or at least everything of their own selves?

Why would heightened self-consciousness be a good thing to maximise or optimise? Such a compulsion can be extremely paralysing - and if so closely related to truth, the only reason a rational person could ever need to value something other than truth at least most of the time.

We interpret the world in which we find ourselves. We can not know it for itself. Once we break down the Kantian dichotomy, however, we lose both the thing and its appearance. Which leaves us with interpretation, and nothing besides. Tell me, wherein does truth factor?