The Vampire Disease (please read need feed back)

(please disregard any spelling erorrs, it is not one of my strong points)

Many children growing up in the inner cities are rarely alone. Solitude is esential in finding our true character and discovery how we can use this character to furthure humanity(the goal of any decent human being). These children who never seise the chance to reflect alone become unsure of them selves. They have before them a personality quiz but find the selves incompetent of filling the blanks, yet have the deep natural desire to fill these blanks. From this point solem contemplation is so forgien and often times frowened upon by society this does not even apeat to be an option; leaving the one option, cheating. They will look over their shoulder to see what others have writen and copy that, or listen tentavley to the opion of other and harbor it regarless of the truthfullness of the statement. At this point their opion is irrelevant. An identity is force fed to this victims. If we wish to find peace. We must know ourselves, we must reject comercialistic identities. That clothing, pair of sunglasses, car are not capable of describing a human beings personality. I would like to think i am more intracate that any personal possession i may obtian.

Solem contemplation, a worthy investment of time.

tyler please let me use your thread to put my writing here too … its kind of same as your writing, it goes like this:

Years of physiological torture that comes when you are blessed to certain extent with an innocent soul will eventually turn your personality into a kind of grave in which everything is buried, your happiness your laughter, your aims your wishes your desires. When people around you, people at your work place have forgotten their ethics, compromised on their principles and a fraction of ethics that is still there is only there because it is accepted as Etiquette, and when in such a place you are trying to save your innocent soul, trying not to even compromise on those fine things on which everybody has long ago compromised, these fine glimpses of cunning behavior that everybody seems to have accepted, and when you are painfully following your heart and following the path shown by some sacred prophet, imagine how painful that can be, fighting the whole environment, when you are actually and truly alone, and solitude becomes your destiny
and when people laughs at your truthful and quite character, when people just cannot accept you, cause your presence make it difficult for them to be their true cunning self. You are not asking them verbally to change themselves but they get the message through your pure actions or abstinence from subtle but cunning behavior. Most of the time people start loosing their character and ethics because they are afraid that other people will laugh at them for having a pure and innocent character. And if you are still keeping your innocence as the years go by, you loose your friends, your acquaintances, the people you grew up with, you will see them one by one loosing that battle and becoming against you and they will start looking at you like they don’t know you, the people u grew up with…this is a painful thing…your personality becomes a grave. And you start getting pleasure in pain.
After years of enduring this pain the tombstone of your grave, that person’s face acquires a deep solemn expression and, and his eyes remain moist, looking through the empty space, waiting for something, or nothing, the emptiness of these eyes remains when people talk to this person, yet these eyes can pierce through other persons soul, they understand every small, fine, shameless, cunning and subtly unethical things people do, and they laugh at you, laugh at u thinking that u don’t understand but u have seen it all already and know the whole process, gone through the full circle, but what to do with these eyes which still remain moist, waiting for something or nothing.

Arif Aziz

great stuff tyler, does it continue? Like I told Shadow, I love Vampire stories. Read his story on this board.