The Vibe

I was recently asked to relate the concept of “harmonic resonance” to the social and psychological realm.

In Music
All woodwind and brass musical instruments operate from harmonic resonance produced by the wind from the mouth of the player and the shape of the cavity or tube. The tone or note varies by variation of cavity shape, openings, air pressure, and even the materials of which the cavity is made. In physics, when electromagnetic waves bounce around inside a cavity such as to form an inherent tone reflective of the shape of the cavity, it is called “electromagnetic resonance”, a special case of the same harmonic resonance. Microwaves and lasers are produced by such means.

In Physics
It was discovered by various means, that in outer space there is a microwave harmonic resonance produced by the “shape, openings, and materials” of the universe. It is called CMB, “Cosmic Background Radiation” (actually having nothing at all to do with any Big Bang). It has been measured and constitutes a true “universal vibe”, a subtle, almost non-detectable resonating of electromagnetic energy, pervasive and unyielding. I am certain that such is the cause of the famous Young’s Double-Slit Experiment mystery.

Such vibrations emanating from seemingly everywhere and invading every space prevent anything from ever traveling in a straight line. It causes shifts in molecular structures and even the demise of atomic nuclei known as “atomic radiation”. It is the noise of the physical universe brought into a subtle harmony, a “cosmic vibe”.

So the question was asked, “What is the psychological and social analogy for such subtle harmonic resonance”. A seemingly very relevant question.

In Society
Those who wish to control populations, politicians, marketers, cabals, and social engineers, are all familiar with the significance of what is commonly called “the chatter” or “the buzz on the streets” or more recently “Internet gossip”. One cannot controllably manipulate if one is not aware of the field of play.

Communication is the field of affect which gives rise to waves of rumors and chatter. And with them travel waves of PHT, Perception of Hopes and Threats. And inherent in PHT is the guide to all conscious behavior. Thus such communication noise is of great interest to all social organizations that are concerned with what the population is doing.

Because such communication carries with it PHT, great waves of social action can be inspired. Such is the intent of activist groups, marketers, religious movements, and war mongers. The effort of each group is to align the ebb, flow, and noise into a social affect positive to their cause. But of course, each competes with the others, thus not many can gain very much without first overtaking nearly all communication (which is why it used to be illegal in the USA and Constitutionally still is).

The final result of such competing noise and the reactions that it inspires is a subtle and constant social reverberation often reflective of repression, paranoia, freedom, depression, anger, bewilderment, or new hope. By manipulating the sway of PHT, one can choose which “tone” to produce from the “cavity” known as “society”. Such is why propaganda is so important to ruling classes. Propaganda is the propagating of PHT.

Typical of propaganda is the effort to produce a single tone, a “unicorn of hope” aimed at strengthening a nation or religion. And to a large degree such is effective. But beneath it all, subtle and only barely detectable, is a resonance that is invariable different than the propaganda. From what I gather, Germany is experiencing this effect right now. The subtle feelings and concerns of the populous and the propaganda are different tones. And so far, the predominate is that of the propaganda.

The ancient religions were aware of this subtle affectance that pervaded all of the living and some named it “God”, the foundation of all society (aka “The World”). And from that subtle foundation “columns of fire”, serpents, and dragons could be brought forth to devastate emperors. In Hindu, the gods Shiva and Kali arise from such an aether.

To control the communication resonance of a society is to control the society in all that they do.

But beyond the control of lustful men is the inherent and natural vibe that all conscious beings participate in creating, a “harmonic resonance” of senses that balance the pressures, feedbacks, and timing into a subtle regular tone. That tone can quite often be sensed by animals. And a couple of decades ago, I found myself very sensitive to it as well.

A great deal of ones environment can be sensed merely by that subtle, all pervading resonance reflecting off of the nuance behavior of every person in a group. I have no doubt that every one of you have felt it at one time or another, perhaps merely not recognizing it. It is commonly known as “the vibe” of the group, indicating the group’s friendliness, threat, or general demeanor, its subtle PHT tonal quality.

Social harmonic resonance is the final sum subtle effect of all people, creatures, and even the inanimate situation doing what they inherently do. It is the resonance or tone of social affectance and is what is to disintegrate the New World Order for the exact same reason that uranium radioactively disintegrates.

The prevent disintegration, to be anentropic, one must be in harmony with the affectance harmonic resonance, move as it moves with only moderate preference or resistance (also known as “moderately going along to get along” but with all nature, not merely Man).

In Psyche
Many have noted throughout history that what is true for society in general is also true for an individual mind. In fact, the typical mind and psyche is a society of largely segregated efforts, incentives, and PHT held together in a form much like the USA Congress (and just as susceptible to demonism).

The environment of a mind/psyche is formed of the physiological constructs of neurology and biochemicals as well as the memories, beliefs, and concerns brought to it throughout life. Traumas and catharses create “heavy charged particles” which persuade emotions and action more greatly than the lesser temporary ideas that might tempt hopes or fears. And in every moment, there is communication of concern flowing from one small part of the brain to another, reflecting off of stern notions and priority concerns that make up the person’s dreams and nightmares. The psyche itself is an sea reflecting the weather of ones perception. Such activity is noted by “alpha” and “delta” brain waves.

And just as with society, there is a final sum effect, a subtle resonance formed by all of the reflection, firmness, and timing, the calmness or rage of the sea within. That resonance forms the subtle demeanor of a person, often referred to as the person’s “aura” and foundation for their “karma”. These days in the West, the weather of the typical psyche is that of a rough, tumultuous sea, anxious, insecure, and desperate for guidance toward calm (often sought by drugs and fanaticism).

If one were to go measure the wave of the ocean for every frequency, below the obvious waves that anyone can see, there would be a subtle vibe. And from that vibe, one can “see” objects in the ocean invisible to the naked eye. One can sense what is not shown. Many refer to that as “Sixth Sense” or “Extra Sensory Perception”. It is merely being sensitive to the affectance resonance inherent in all things. And is quite scientifically measurable merely by knowing what to look for (as they have already done in most cases).

And also as with society, there is an inherent subtle harmonic resonance within with which one is advised to strive to harmonize the larger activities. Eventually an and all efforts of discipline, of holding oneself to specific absolute rules is disintegrated if those rules are not in harmony with the internal resonance of the person, the “soul”.

Is your soul destine for heaven (pleasant harmony) or hell (endless frustration and disappointment)? Are you in tune with the naturally occurring, unavoidable harmonic resonance of the affectance within your own psyche? That is what “Anentropic Harmony” is and what allows for non-disintegration, non-frustration, non-disappointment, and continuance of reasonable delight in life.

The physical universe has a vibe (about 160 GHz). Society has a vibe. And every individual psyche has a vibe. Those subtle vibes, harmonic resonances, are the foundation of influence in the sea of affectance and an unyielding determiner of eventual life, death, delight, and/or torment.

One might be advised to respect the subtle harmony of the often undetected resonance of affectance that pervades all things, "everywhere, ever aware, all powerful ".

It’s measurable. It’s real. It’s there.
Listen for the resonance and harmony within the noise.

I know that if you talk about noise you mean that noise we already talked about. But what noise is it in a more philosophical sense? Is it the same noise in the universe that Pythagoras already mentioned?

Philosophically or conceptually, “noise” refers to disharmonious activity. I don’t know what Pythagoras had to say specifically about noise, but I imagine he contrasted it strongly from his concept of music (harmony with which to be mused or amused, not necessarily of sound).

The harmonic resonance of which I speak is more of a subtle tone at any one moment ringing from the ambient. With greater activity of the right type, that tone shifts and thus can constitute a musing of tones, “Cosmic Music Background”. Or can constitute the “Fiddler on the Roof” bringing destruction.

People internally sing to themselves so as to more harmonize the noise within. A singing crowd is seldom a warring crowd. Much of the noise is inconsequential, best overridden by loftier pursuits, as is most warring.

One might have difficulty respecting something that is undetected.

Quantum physics is fake, I am about to disprove it in a thread soon.

Psychic powers are real, the sine wave you refer is not heard as a noise, but simply felt. Ie. looking someone across the window and they can feel it. It is not attributed to microexpressions, body language or pheromones, but psychic power. Microexpressions do contribute to it though, but through a window, pheromones are not sensed, and the only players are microexpressions and psychic energies.

I wish science would do more studies in this regard, but since many of them are jews they have no interest in spiritual research. For example a Japanese scientist did some research and found out that water has spiritual qualities, and that water changed its structure based on the mood you are in, if you are in the same room as the water. I would like him to reperform this experiment giving the subjects suits to prevent pheromone leakage, and also done in a vacuum, to rule out air molecules as the cause of the change in nonlocal water droplets. The effects cannot be observed on the molecular scale, nor the regular everyday scale, it can only be observed by the microscope on a cellular scale.

That would explain why I don’t seem to be able to make a consistently decent cup of tea. I have a tendency towards mood swings.