The view from my apartment

16th story overlooking the center of Halifax. Arguably the best view in the city. I could snipe anyone…

right click the picture and hit “Open in New Window”

P.S. if you’re wondering about the figure 8 in the baseball diamond in picture 3, it was some old crazy guy in an electric wheel chair…


Nice view

I bet you get good sunset views. :smiley:

he came back

nope, my buiilding faces north east.

I want a view like that… :astonished:

How expensive is it to live there? Nova Scotia correct? I am seriously considering moving to that region.

life isn’t a free ride that’s for sure… our minimum wage is low but so is the cost of living compared to central canada.

my rent is 1300 a month but it’s the best real estate in teh city.

you can get a very nice bachelor apartment in the city for 700 a month.