The Village (SPOILERS)

This whole movie both impressed me and made me sad.
What impressed me

  1. I had myself going for a while that this movie might be a very subtle version of Beowulf. For the first hour it works. However when Noah kills Lucius that goes to hell. From that point I was thinking “hey enemy brothers like Cain and Abel” (I know they aren’t brothers)
  2. I did Like the anti-violence message going on in the movie (HNS isn’t anti-Bush. He’s anti violence). Actually it’s not an anti-violence message so much as tracing the effects of violence on people. It is similar to the Cain story in that a murder is responsible for the foundation of a city. It of course explains the red symbolism in the movie - a symbol made abundantly clear by the blood on Ivy’s dress.
  3. I understood the linguistic effect and the rest of the sleight of hand techniques that HNS uses to slur reality and fiction. If you listen they never act or speak truly as if they were speaking fin-de-siecle English. They simply are too earthy and lack most of the idioms of that time. They spoke 1970 academic English with no contractions.

What made me sad
I guessed the ending early on and was disappointed by the fake monsters. I really like monsters and it always saddens me to hear they aren’t real.

Shamalamadingdong needs to do a straight ahead movie with no twists. If every movie he does wraps around itself, the viewers are going to be watching and waiting and guessing at the twist, eventually robbing it of its shock value.

My 2 cents

I haven’t seen it (maybe tomorrow I will probably tuesday though) but literally 90% of the people said it sucked. My friend asked everyone what they thought coming out of the theater and only one person said they liked it.

I wouldn’t say it sucked. It was just a bummer that the movie was very realistic and that it could happen now a days. I too like crazy trash. I was hoping that she would end up in a movie theatre and that The Village was a movie and she realized it. Or that she was on a space ship.

I enjoyed the movie. At the same time, I could understand why other people might dislike it.

There is no supernatural payoff at the end. However I think that it is a stronger movie for its lack of a supernatural crutch.

It is a movie about the human condition. It is obvious that the characters of the village exist in an artificial bubble world. Like all bubbles it can only last as long as its surface tension holds.

This is really a movie about courage and fear. Its about the un-sustainability of innocence.

Hopeful idealists leave the world behind in order to forge a better world. They use fear and trickery to limit their children. Yet one character that seems the most innocent discovers their trick. It puts a whole new dimension to his laughter during the whole film. He knows the trick. But he chooses uses that knowledge for his own benefit, he plays on the fears so carefully constructed by the elders.

The experiment to maintain innocence fails because those who sought to escape from the world brought the world with them. We carry the seeds of our own destruction inside of us. Innocence is part of childhood. Keeping people as children is the one way to maintain it. Otherwise we might all eventually lose our innocence.

There are rare individuals whose inner character rises above the common man. Even in an idealist world only a few people have this trait. Those individual of great virtue are always rare. The female hero of this tale is not a hero for standing up to a supernatural threat, but for standing up to the all too natural threat of fear itself. How many of us could stand against pure fear?

The movie could have been called childhood. The villain of this film breaks out of childhood, but looses his innocence. The heroine breaks out but retains her innocence, the triumphant journey to adulthood.