The Void And The Vacuum. A Nihilistic Cosmos Reigns Supreme

Outerspace is a vacuum and void of nothingness between dots of matter that cluster it which are known as stars, suns, planets, and whole galaxies.

Outerspace is marked by conflict and a sort of extreme savagery in that billions of life forms comprising a single galaxy can be exterminated in a single instance and if such life forms could speak even more cruel there would be noone or nothing to hear their agonizing suffering for the motion of space is marked by energy consuming other forms of energy where chaos along with destruction is paramount in that creative energy itself can only come about through the destruction of another.

The cosmos which is the embodiement of outerspace is one which is indifferent, uncaring and ruthless in that even though people may indulge themselves in imaginary conceptions or symbolic imagery of “morality” or “god” in contrast the cosmos offers nothing and although people may pride themselves on traditions of mythic universal purpose the cosmos in contrast amongst all it’s recycling of entire galaxies offers nothing in comparison where purpose as we call it remains all but a fleeting dream of a ingenious yet deluded species of primates who have embarassing uncontrollable wild imaginations that knows no bounds.

If the cosmos had a purpose it would be one of infinite regression or entropy in that when energy is created it expands to a steady stream where over a period of cycles that same energy deteriorates into nothingness through decline and should we ever describe equilibrium perhaps nothingness is all that people can hope for.

If the cosmos could speak it would probally state that the purpose to everything is that everything has an end.

If the cosmos could speak it would probally state that the purpose to everything is the nihilation of existence.

The cosmos illustrates that it has no “selfless” defining nature to it’s existence in contrast to the petty mythologies we hold frantically but instead remains a perfect machine selfishly driven to consume entire galaxies in a sort of selfish inclination to recycle existence even against the very will of those forms of life that do not desire recycling or absorption.

The purpose of existence is the nihilation of ourselves, our world and our own galaxy.

If nihilation, entropy and infinite regression are the prime motivators of outerspace and if the our world is a part of that sequence those three defining elements of existence must be the prime inevitable direction of social culture here on earth too.

I’m glad I don’t live in outer space. How do you intend to draw the cosmos, and the actual predictable realities that we know about here on earth together without engaging in some kind of metaphysics?

Our planet and world is a extension of our galaxy as it is a part of it and our galaxy including our world in it is inevitably going to be recycled or nihilated by the vacuum of space.

It requires no metaphysics to sum that up.

Extension how?

Is not planet earth a part of our galaxy?

It might be a part, but how do you explain all the order that’s apparent here when trying to reconcile it with a chaotic cosmos?

What order?

Like first it rains, then the trees soak up water into the roots, then the sun shines and there’s that whole photosynthesis thing. Or better yet the fact that the same two chemicals always make the same reaction when combined. That’s predictable, that’s order. I mean, if everything were in total chaos, why are some things so apparently ordered?

Chaos is order through disorder.

Chaos can be orderly and sporadic simultaneously because it is chaos.

How can there be order through disorder? I’m not sure I completely get what you’re saying here. I was under the impression that there was either chaos or order. I suppose it could be the case that there’s both. Then comes the question of how we categorize and distinguish them. Help me out here…

That is a dualism of categorization that we have deluded ourselves to construct.

Why bother?

I’m not sure if I can and I am also not sure what you want me to say.

Ok so I know that it’s not really the case that it’s either/or when it comes to chaos and order. But the dualism is necessary for language and to talk about it at all. So, how should we speak of the two so that there’s no confusion about which one exists where? I know that neither is universally true, so I mean, is that which can be explained in terms of logic ordered, and quantum uncertainty is chaos? How do we know it’s chaos though? Might it just be the case that we’re assuming that because we can’t see, when really we have to reason to think that there’s chaos other than that we can’t see order?

You’re right Joker. However, about selflessness, let’s see what Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails has to say about this:

I’m willing to concede that due to our limitations of language we may never have a complete understanding of chaos but that still doesn’t negate the process of destruction, nihilation and infinite regression of existence including space itself.

Behind every illusion of crusades there remains selfish interests. :wink:

But it doesn’t guarantee it either does it?

What do you mean? Can you articulate a little bit more for me?

By the fact that we can’t ever be certain of how things are due to the limits of our perception, we don’t just cancel out the possibilty of knowing that things are going well, but also that of knowing that they aren’t. Am I making sense here?

It sounds almost gnostic in what you are saying but when I see all the things that threaten our planet and universe that is a inevitable sequence of events I can’t help but point to nihilation or infinite regression of all existence.

When I observe the void and vacuum of space absorbing and recycling everything where whole galaxies transform into nothingness I can’t help but feel these things.

I may not know what day, second or hour of this inevitability but that certainly doesn’t make it any less inevitable.