The Wall

The Great Wall that the United States is now proposing to build along our borders is one of the most crass insults that our nation has ever laid on all the nations of Latin America - and we have laid plenty.

How we expect to maintain even a modicum of good relations after it is built confounds the imgaination. For just one example that under-scores our stupidity: we import more oil from Latin America than we do from the Middle East and we are busting our gut over there trying to establish goodwill - adding that no-win gambit to the way we are trashing international relations.

A physical wall will likely never be built. The whole idea was mostly election year posturing. However, if it’s ever built, the greatest irony is that it will probably be built by Mexicans.

No Shit! The wall was never funded. At the momemt, two border patrol agents are facing hard time because they shot an illegal fleeing the scene after being busted for drugs. Geez.

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if the people living south of our border are insulted. Mexicans call us racists, but strickly enforce their southern border, often murdering intruders. They also will not extradite murderers.

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Maybe this wall is supposed to send a message to Mexico telling them to possibly increase their standard of living so their population growth rate will get out of the red… :confused:

We have a disproportionate distribution of wealth, but this pales when compared to Mexico. The many very rich Mexican billionaires do not even keep their money in the country as they too are expecting another possible revolution. Greedy bastards.

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I agree with aspacia

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Economic problems in Mexico that result in illegal immigration to the US are a result of US trade policy.

Nafta has put millions of Mexicans out of work. Subsidized US corn has put 40million Mexican farmers out of business. Whole regions of the country have become basicially abandoned as corn prices plummetted.

There are more greedy American billionairs with off-shore accounts than Mexico will ever have.

Those who choose to believe that they are surrounded by enemies must remain eternally at war with the world.

Hell is the province of people like Nietzsche who choose to believe it exists. The devil is simply the ass end of God. Shit exists. It fertlizes new growth and makes the roses smell heavenly.

Yeah. How about love your neighbor as you love yourself and became an active proponent of a real Christian culture, by turning the other cheek long and hard enough for him to finally get the message. =D>