The Wanderer

To the Wanderer:

There is nothing futile about your attempt. But before I address the Postcards I had other comments. You have thought of everything, scribe. When DO you have time to eat and bathe?

“All life is built on materialism and wealth”

  • =D>

I may have changed this to ‘all modern society’.

  • “How many have as role-models men and women of science, intellectuals, and creators?” Bravo, master of the dark side.

"Bolstered by the wings of chance
I soar, once more, into the heavens
Reaching for the blue sky
But doubt shatters the illusion
And guided by past experiences
I hesitate.

No sunlight has warmed my face
No apple has fallen upon my lap
No illusive mermaid has smiled upon me
Without the accompanying sweat
And pain of struggle
The distracting clatter of disappointment
Fills my head with memories
And my heart with doubt.

But instead of sadness, fury wells up inside me
And as I ready myself
To spit, once more, into the face of chance
And scream against fate,
Deep inside, in secret
A single, feeble voice whispers a word,
A quiet hopeful plea


“Greeks… they charm you with their words and wit,”- but alas, you, the Wanderer, are the snake charmer of the ignorant; the pied piper to the unaware… I, however, may teach you the joys of owning a golden retriever and naming it Muffy Poo or perhaps Cuddles. The work of the breed is hard and laborious but the rewards are great. All snake charmers need what they commonly refer in the Western world as “man’s best friend.”

  • I am Bessy. I am French, but think I may be a greco-Roman goddess in my previous life for I am drawn to the unknown powers and spirit of its wisdom and culture.

  • Your interpretation of history makes it alive and tangible for me. I understand now. I am, therefore, not French at all, but am a Grecian woman displaced in a foreign land. I stand strong and courageous and defy the fate of the opposition. I am a creator of my destiny. I see my existence as an opportunity to be explored and conquered. I am unafraid.

I need a night’s rest and will continue my quest for knowledge tomorrow. I may decide to make a white russian for my delight… to ponder. He is quite devilishly handsome, you know.

My golden retriever puppy will be loyally at my bedside. :wink:


I don’t :astonished:

But this stuff has been written over years.

Every ship needs a harbour.

Then you sense your pagan spirit.

I have received a multitude of pm’s over this thread. For all of you who are worried about me please don’t be. I am impressed with Satyr’s exceptionally beautiful writing skill. He is worth reading.

I do not agree with his politics, his religion, or his view of women, but am drawn to his remarkable craft. You should be too.

:smiley: Cheers, loveys.

Since this is an homage thread to Satyr, I’ll happily repeat what Bessy said in her last post about Satyr’s writing abilities, directly above–to a “t” in fact, minus the worshipping part :sunglasses:. He may need to work on his “online interpersonal skills,” and I still find fault with the manner in which he supposedly engages in “logical or rational discussions,” but I have always enjoyed reading his essays, as I have stated before.

No more band wagons, s’il vous plais. [-X

Sorry, B, but I was warbling his praises* long before you arrived on the scene… [-X [-X [-X

  • While at the same time pointing out all of the flaws in his “debates”… :sunglasses:

band wagon=gratuitous putdowns.

[size=75]you did it again! [/size] :unamused: [size=75]Now leave it alone or I will put you in the bad boy chair myself.[/size]

Ohhh…now I see. Ya needs more clarity and less creative in yo message, B.

But sreiously, what is wrong with giving a balanced statement about his work? Not to do so might be misinterpreted as something it is not. That is, just as you can say you disagree with his views on ABC but still love his writing, I can say I find ABC to be lacking in his communication but still appreciate his writing. It’s fair, it’s honest, and it’s genuine.* Anything else would be sycophantic.

  • My opinions, that is; one can argue that my opinions are not accurate–even though they always are :sunglasses:–but you cannot claim my opinions are not honest and genuine. To do so would be to pull a…whoops… :blush: nearly did it again… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Why Bessy, have they been questioning your sanity for being so nice to such an obviously prejudiced, sick mind and decrepit individual?
Have others chastised you for praising me, in any way, when you should have been ignoring or attacking me?

I want to say I’m surprised but I am not. I’m only surprised that they chose to do it in private and did not have the courage to express their “healthy” misgivings out in the open, where I can answer back.

When I first saw this thread I thought: “Oh-Oh.”, and waited for the mocking and insults.

It’s funny how one can find another’s “politics”, “religion” and opinions (about women) so deplorable and yet connect with them on some spiritual level, or how they can find so much ‘truth’ in their words when they are not directly confrontational to one’s own morals, so as to make them threatening.

Makes one wonder how someone can be so insightful and honest and yet so……wrong?
Could it be that his sight is only clear when we agree with it and blurred when we disagree?
Or, could it be, that the error is in us? :astonished:

Makes you go hmmmmmm. :confused:

Writing is about honesty - the daring to lay down your inner self for all to see and comment upon.
It takes a blend of pretentious exhibitionism, unrelenting emotionalism and indifferent courage to write anything that does not stink of fakery.

We feel it in ourselves, when the other speaks a common ‘truth’, even if we wish to deny it. We…recognize the words as the ones we were looking for all along, to describe our own personal thoughts.
They give voice to our feelings. The ones we hide from everyone, sometimes from our very selves.

And yes, psyche’s commentary is appreciated, as well. :wink:

Yea, Satyr…

I think we must be dealing with a bigger picture here. You have your own opinions and attitudes, as I do. I am honest in saying what I think. Obviously, your rep here must be ominous because a half dozen people seemed concerned that I was “going down a dark road.” It could be a matter of jealousy… just as in real life people are intimidated by intelligence and aloofness. Personally, I don’t care what they think of me or of you. I was frankly tired of explaining it. I find you fascinating and one-of-a-kind, which is why I wrote the thread. I am telling the truth. I may have my own faith and politics, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you are talented and expressive in what you convey.

I regret seeming unfair to you, but if you don’t believe me, that is your choice. Don’t put words in my mouth or believe something that isn’t true.

I will continue to be inspired by your wonderful website. You dare to expose your truths and writing DOESN’T get better than that.

Oy vey… #-o If I had known the PMs were expressing concerns about being drawn in to the dark side of Styr, I would not have made any negative comments at all, B. I give you enough credit to be able to appreciate the man’s talent while not becoming some svengali love-puppy slave…

Nah, the man’s got his issues–as do we all–but not being able to…ummm…well, whatever he just said above*, is not one of them.

And just to do my little nya nya nya nya nya nya dance, B, I was checking out his site long before you ever got there… :stuck_out_tongue: If you know how to navigate it properly and get the right codes, you can find his infamous “Satyr’s dungeon of hot wax and cat’s tails” link… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


  • I’m not going to embarrass myself trying to describe his abilities as well as he already did… :blush:


Glad someone appreciates him, psyque. [size=75](we do, Satyr!!)[/size] Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say.

Shalom, y’all.

So…let me see…that makes 2 more for my new cult of Hellenism.
I’ll add them to the other 10.

When we go up to 100 members we can sell everything, move to my compound, just 60 km south of Sparta, and start breeding like bunnies.

Remember: May is the time for our Bachean Festival – four weeks of orgies and inebriation. We worship Dionysus then, when his blood (wine) becomes our only nourishment.
The rest of the year we worship Apollo and his more controlled, dignified wisdom.

Who’s Helen, that’s what I want to know.


Helen is the goddess in that spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet. The real Elysian fields is on a small planet somewhere in the horsehead nebula. Satyr can explain all the details… They say she is quite the looker, much better looking than earth women - Bessy excepted, of course. :wink:


:wink: ----> tentatively speaking, that is.

One more for my cult. =D>

The grand total is up to 13.
I guess we can start with that. :wink:

I’ll join…if you’ll have me.

I am a diligent worker and player…plus I can sing a little…and write…and cook…and do all sort sorts of other menial, but strangely, rewarding tasks.

I’ll come if I get to be Chronos. I am Capricornicus. Father Time. Saturn. The Task Master. I control birth and death. I am the great regulator.