The Wandering Drug Addict In The Street

One day as I was walking in the middle of summer I noticed a wandering drug addict in the street going up to everybody warning them of mysterious marauders chasing after him everywhere. I looked around and could not see the mysterious marauders that he was speaking of.

He had long black hair and a mustache where he was wearing nothing but his jeans as he was also shirtless.

He wasn’t even wearing any shoes as he was barefoot. I think he was a Mexican.

He then came up and approached me. He said to me, “Don’t you see those sons of bitches chasing after me?”

I couldn’t tell if the man was on crack cocaine, heroin, acid, or LSD.

I didn’t know what drugs that he was on other than that he seemed unstable where he also smelled like urine and alcohol.

I thought to myself that he could be armed or dangerous and so I defended myself by coming to the conclusion of getting rid of him by a means of cleverness.

I told him that I did see those mysterious phantoms that were chasing him where I pointed in front of myself telling him that they went in that particular direction.

He then replied, “Really?”

After that remark he began running towards the direction I told him of yelling and shouting various obscenities where as soon as he ran across the street he was hit dead center by a passing car.

His body flipped in the air after hitting the windshield of the approaching car where afterwards he layed bleeding in street as he slowly began to die.

The ambulances never got to him in time where he was rather quickly pronounced deceased.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Some people run from phantom marauders of their own making or occasionally from that of a overconsuming drug addiction binge.